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Apple plans to release its next Mac operating system, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, at the end of October, according to sources with knowledge of the launch plans.

This comes despite claims and speculation that Apple will release OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 in tandem this month. iOS 7 is set to ship alongside the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C later in September. There has also been chatter about Apple holding the iPad iOS 7 release back until October.

For the launch of both OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, Apple released the new operating systems the day following an earning results release. Apple traditionally shares its Q4 earnings numbers during the second half of October, so perhaps Apple will release Mavericks the day following its Q4 results announcement…

OS X Mavericks includes several enhancements over the current Mac OS, Mountain Lion, including improved multiple-monitor support, power-user features in Finder, a faster Safari, Maps and iBooks apps, and a redesigned Calendar application.

Mavericks has been in a beta phase since its WWDC announcement in June, and the most recent Developer Preview arrived earlier this week. The latest seed includes several performance enhancements over prior versions of the operating system, and this has been taken as a hint that a public release is closing-in.

The late-October Mavericks release is planned so Apple could focus the majority of its software engineering resources on pushing out iOS 7 alongside the new iPhone hardware over the next couple of weeks.

In addition to the new Mac software, Apple is expected to release a slew of new Macs this fall. This includes updated versions of the Mac Pro, iMac, and MacBook Pro. Perhaps these new Macs will arrive in October alongside (or around) the launch of Mavericks.

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31 Responses to “Apple’s OS X Mavericks release planned for end of October”

  1. I seriously don’t understand why I seem to be the only one shocked by the fact that we’ve been using this aqua themed interface for more than ten years now and the devs at Apple still haven’t find something less visually-dated and lighter, more efficient to update it. But then again, when I see how ugly the whole iOS 7 menu interface is, I am reminded, as hard as it is, that Apple is not making products for us anymore but rather for the mass and the chinese markets. Apple used to think different, then stopped thinking. I would’ve switched a long time ago is there was a serious alternative to osX. I just wished they’d get back to moving forward.


    • nelmat says:

      Wow. You don’t think the look of OSX has evolved in the last ten years? Take a look at 10.0 and then take a look at 10.9. Barely recognisable as the same OS.


    • It still looks beautiful to me. The theme has slightly changed over time to keep it ‘with the times’.
      Every time I shutdown my Windows VM for work I’m delighted to see that peaceful OSX look.


    • i’m shocked by the fact that you think ios 7 interface is designed for the chinese market.


    • mockery17 says:

      Just because they started thinking in a way you disagree with doesn’t make them NOT thinking different anymore. Your rant just came off as idiotic.


    • Number One: The interface has changed lots… Second, don’t fix what isn’t broke. Unlike Microsoft, Apple does change everything about the OS in every version.


    • The iOS7 menu interface does look a bit ugly. Let’s hope Apple’s next Mac Operating System [OS X 10.9 Mavericks] makes it up


    • Ryan Bowkett says:

      you kind of contradicted yourself. In one breath you slate apple, then in the next breath admit there is no close alternative.
      “not making products for us anymore” do you mean you personally, what do you expect apple to do? ignore the mass market? probably their biggest earner! and make products to suit a minority?
      I think you will find that alot, maybe most of apples customers are happy.
      there are always people who have to have their 10cents worth get on their high horse and say how apple have abandoned them! im afraid that the reality is that apple are going to cater for the mass market, and why shouldn’t they? besides there are other systems apart from osx and apple, they don’t force you to buy their products do they?
      if you invented something and had a chance to sell it to 10 people or 10,000 people what would you do?


    • You really are naive, actually on a level that is almost incomprehensible. Refrain from commenting please, you do more good by sitting in your corner and being silent than posting.


    • Kody Blowers says:

      I don’t see how they going be doing anything wrong with OS X, but iOS is just a terrible excuse for Apple to look like they’re still functioning normally, despite how sloppily thrown-together it is. It’s more buggy and laggy than Android has ever been, not to mention the poor visual flaws there are in the OS that Apple still hasn’t regaurded. I feel as if they put it together, and said “good enough for the Chinese” without thinking straight forward. The only thing I would change about OS X is making apps like Calendar, Mail, Safari, Maps, Notes, Reminders, etc installable instead of unremovable. I personally believe that’s the only mistake of OS X besides still not including a “Command + X” shortcut to cut things like you can on Windows. Apple already copied TONS of things from Android including classic Android lag, so why not little things like that? Besides your perspective on OS X, I agree they should get back to moving forward.


      • akhilv1 says:

        If you want command+x, try command+option+v after copying.


      • Mark Searcy says:

        Uh…what ancient version of Mac OS are you using? OS 9?! Don’t answer. The question was rhetorical. You are CLEARLY not a Mac OS user. You are a lifetime Windows user who “know people” who are Mac OS users. Anyone who uses or has used Mac OS X knows ⌘+X cuts what’s selected and has for several years if not since Macintosh was invented!

        You’ve obviously based your entire comment on your “friends” facebook posts and anti-apple enthusiast blogs. EXPERIENCE iOS and OS X for yourself in order to obtain an opinion worth a damn. I’ve used OS X since 10.5 and iOS since iOS 2. Each new release has obviously had it’s minor bugs, but 1. Apple has been quick to remedy with updates and 2. Each new release has had fewer bugs than the release of the previous debut of BOTH OS X and iOS.

        “Good enough for the Chinese” what and idiotic comment.


      • kodywb says:

        I’m replying as myself, just a different account. When I wrote this post I forgot that I was using a preview of Mavericks hence why Command & X didn’t work. Before I used the preview it had been at least a year and a half since I used OSX since I built a gaming PC and decided to put Windows on my Macbook as well, Hehe. Not sure why I forgot command + x existed.


  2. ashtraywasp says:

    Have to admit, always confuses me why these Mark Gurman “Exclusive” articles are always written as fact, even in the titles. They shouldn’t be. If you’re writing about purely unannounced things with zero proof whatsoever, only “our sources tell us”, then it should be treated as so. Shady often unreliable major business blogs may operate like that but 9to5 is better than that.


  3. Where is this report coming from? I was hoping we’d see the release sooner…


  4. Apple will stager the releases. They don’t want all the support calls for iOS 7 and Mavericks at once.


  5. I think Ubuntu’s Unity interface is beginning to kick Apple’s sorry butt.


  6. joegullo618 says:

    Can’t wait for this to come out!


  7. Apple’s products are usually good (except apple maps). They aren’t terrible but they could innovate a little like Steve Jobs did. Right now, apple is struggling because technology companies are coming up with innovative things. You can tell that apple is trying to be innovative because they came out with the finger scanner for the iPhone 5s. However, their computers seem to be very good in the sense that they are fast and efficient and get most things done. I think that OSX Mavericks is going to be a good thing from apple. Even though apple is struggling to be innovative, their new computers and its software are pretty good. Remember, it is tough to be innovative when you have to compete against so many other companies.


  8. I own a MacBook 4 1. Will there be a new OS available? Or is this model considered obsolete? Feedback is much appreciated.