We haven’t seen any LEDs behind the fingerprint-reading home button in parts leaks but that hasn’t stopped Martin Hajek from mocking up a ‘Lord of the Rings’ version (Gallery below) of the iPhone 5S based on the recent packaging leaks

Our own Michael Steeber did a nice little mockup below based on the packages on Friday which shows some of the white space around the home button.

Hajek takes a little more creative liberty, also keeping the square inside the button from previous versions.

Head over to Martin’s site for more and bigger renderings of the below:

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24 Responses to “Designer does mock up of iPhone 5S ‘ringed’ home button based on packaging [Gallery]”

  1. Made a mockup of the ring yesterday. A little less realist than this one… https://twitter.com/stakwild/status/376742241693224960/photo/1


  2. Does no one find it odd that the iPhone “5S” on the box in those spy shots sports a black homescreen background, as opposed to a colored background seen on every single iOS 7 device so far?


  3. It would be really amazing, if the ring can show colors like some android phone can. I mean for notifications


  4. ararezaee says:

    Dear sweet god! I love it so much I wanna make babies with it!


  5. The root of all Apple’s next set of problems. Believe!!


  6. if the leaked packaging is correct the home butting won’t be convex nor concave but flat… there is no shadow/highlight on the button that apple always used for product photos to show the curved button.


  7. Hopefully they can enter to Indonesia. :)


  8. pedro2nr says:

    IMO, It looks tacky


  9. What if a glowing icon shows up at the center of the button along with the glowing circle to denote what kind of notification you have received? Like a glowing minimal mail or conversation icon ?


  10. Woody Pwx says:

    The ring used also as an information LED would be AWESOME!


  11. Neither looks particularly convincing or real. The “Lord of the rings” one simply ignores the box art and goes for his own concept, and Michael’s, while a good effort, doesn’t seem to get the material right, nor the actual dimensions either.

    To me, it looks like it should be thicker and made out of aluminium whereas Michael’s looks thinner and more silvery.

    It seems certain that the black version of the iPhone 5s is going to be the least attractive of all. The ring will “fit in” a lot more on the other models and be less garish.


  12. Laughing_Boy48 says:

    Why speculate on something that’s to be revealed in a week or so? You get whatever Apple offers. Nothing more, nothing less.


  13. dat1wp says:

    I like Michael Steeber’s mock up. As for the other one, I doubt that Apple would sell an iPhone with a raised home button. The home button also looks cleaner without the square.
    I had the idea for a glowing ring around the home button for while. I just thought Apple couldn’t do it because of the Blackberry patient.

    The next thing I want to see is a iPhone without the 4 visible antennas on the bezel, an IR blaster, (hopefully that’s what the extra flash really is on the 5s) a full edge to edge touchscreen and a carbon fiber back.