Despite our best hopes and wishes, it appears Apple won’t be providing a livestream for today’s event. While you’re keeping tabs right here for our liveblog and tweets, we’ll also be hosting a live Google Hangout starting about 15 minutes before the 10 am PST event and extending through the duration of the keynote.

Check it out here.

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19 Responses to “Join us for a live Hangout during today’s keynote”

  1. Ray Wiley says:

    A little odd, considering they streamed it last year? Budget problems? Hahaha.

  2. isn’t it ironic? A Google hangout for an Apple event?

  3. Kamran Azadi says:

    Oh who knows, its Apple, they change their minds about this stuff every single year. Worse than my wife trying to pick out her outfit for the day.

  4. PMZanetti says:

    Cool idea, I’ll be watching.

  5. Jason Yap says:

    Still waiting on the embed

  6. They haven’t live streamed an iPhone event since FaceTime was announced. Right?

  7. Someone could have at least skyped it

  8. Chris Eaton says:

    Interesting that all of the screenshots have the home button and top cropped off..

  9. The problem for me with photos is the storage space. When i switch my iPhone 4S 16GB I will have to buy a 32GB device.

  10. presenting iOS 7 on iPad. September 18 Free

  11. Samsung announced today that the next Galaxy S series phone would have a sixty-five bit architecture. – Matt Gemmell

  12. Azri Ahmad says:

    from what im thinking..the Touch ID can be dangerous…if it were to be use in a wrong way…imagine if someone remote hacked ur phone…and instantly they got ur fingerprint…aint that amazing? :P

  13. week later Sept 20 you can purchase both models

  14. Gaz Kershaw says:

    apple site is updated – no pre order for 5s

  15. Brian Sadler says:

    It says per orders for “both” sept 13th. On 9to5mac