Ahead of iOS 7’s release later today, Apple has published iOS 7 user guides on the iBookstore. At the moment, guides are only available for the iPad and iPod touch but a book targeted at the iPhone will likely follow. As is to be expected, both books are offered as a free download.

In essence, they are ebook versions of Apple’s downloadable PDF manuals, featuring setup, troubleshooting and other instructions for the device and the OS. Apple has offered user guides on the iBookstore ever since its inception in 2010, starting with the original iPad.

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7 Responses to “Apple makes iOS 7 user guides available on the iBookstore”

  1. Sean Raidley says:

    Your so on-the-ball, 9to5Mac. I love you…


  2. At what time can we expect iOS7?


  3. The PDF versions listed as iOS 7 are actually still iOS 7.


  4. Here’s the first interactive iOS 7 book for iPad and OS X Mavericks:


  5. how do i clear what i last used on my phone? every app and messaging i used shows when u double tap the home button?