2013-09-18 at 18.12

Apple has just released iOS 7 to the public. However, as noted by Apple’s update XML — which is where the OTA service in iOS gets its data — iPhone 5c and 5s users will be prompted to update to 7.0.1 when users unwrap their new devices this Friday.

David Pogue and Walt Mossberg both noted in their iPhone reviews that an update for iOS was hitting this Friday, in time for the launch of the new device. Apparently, 7.0.1 exists primarily to fix a bug with the Touch ID system and iTunes purchases.

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9 Responses to “iOS 7.0.1 released for iPhone 5c and 5s, likely to come as OTA update at launch”

  1. shame the download servers can’t cope!


  2. kwolenntra says:

    what’s the easiest way to upgrade from the ios7 gm to ios7 public vesion?


  3. Barry Sayer says:

    Anyone know if GM is the same as final version? Will GM update OTA in future? There are no updates on developer site past GM and no OTA update coming through. Thanks


  4. If the update deals with Touch ID then why would it be necessary for the 5C? There must be something else.


  5. The GM is the same build as the publicly released version of iOS 7.0


  6. Dani Estrela says:

    GM = Public Release. No need to “re-update” the same OS build.

    To update iOS 7 GM to iOS 7 Public Release is to reinstall the same OS.