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Parallax is a new feature that is introduced in iOS 7. As the user moves their device, the background image and icons move on the screen to match the movement of the device. Parallax gives the device a quasi-3D effect and adds depth to it, but some people prefer to use their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch sans the motion.

If you are like these people on Apple’s Discussion forums, you might be getting dizzy from iOS 7’s new parallax feature.

To disable Parallax go into Settings, then tap on General.


Then tap on Accessibility.

photo 2

Scroll down until you see Reduced Motion.


Tap on Reduced Motion. By turning on Reduced Motion it will:

Reduce the motion of the user interface, including the parallax effect of icons and alerts.

To turn on Reduced Motion, tap on the white circle, and it will move the switch and it will green indicating it’s on.

In iOS 7, you have the capability to turn on Bold Text. Bold Text does not drain the battery, but does give a sense of depth to the device’s display. Still under the Accessibility settings tap on the slider next to Bold Text. It will make the font appear to be thicker and richer in either black or white. When you turn it on or off, it prompts you with an alert stating:

Applying this setting will restart your iPhone.


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7 Responses to “iOS 7 How-to: Reduce parallax motion effects, enable bold text”

  1. What we need is an increased battery life, not a stripped down OS.


  2. Lainey Bees says:

    I can’t seem to find the option for ‘reduce motion’ under my settings ->> Accessibility..!! I need some help here!


  3. – I think this site has some serious parallax wallpapers – already made into those sizes