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Alongside the new iMacs, Apple has silently raised the prices of all Mac mini models in both Australia and Brazil. In Australia, the prices were formerly A$699 and A$899 for the standard configurations, and the Mac mini Server model was priced at A$ 1,099.00. Now, the machines are priced at A$749, A$999, and A$1249, respectively.

Here are the new prices in Brazil (up R$ 300, 400, and 500 respectively):

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.09.44 PM

The prices for the Mac mini have also been raised in Portugal and Malaysia, multiple tipsters have noticed.

These are notable price increases, but it is unclear if there is reasoning for the change beyond standard currency fluctuations. The iMacs pricing was also tweaked when it was updated yesterday, but the Mac mini has not been altered. No other Mac prices in Australia nor Brazil have changed.

The Mac mini is presumably due for a hardware update with 802.11ac WiFi, new Fusion Drive options, and Haswell processors to match the new iMacs. Thanks, James and Joao! 

Old prices in Australia via Google Cache:

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 7.04.32 PM

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22 Responses to “Apple increases Mac mini pricing in multiple countries”

  1. Why didn’t they update the Mac mini at the same time at the iMacs? Why raise the price now if they intend to upgrade it soon? I doubt they will announce the Mac mini update at the iPad event!

    To me it looks like the Mac mini won’t be upgraded this year. I’m pretty sure it happened before (the Mac mini skipping an update vs. iMacs).


    • standardpull says:

      It might be because Apple or their suppliers aren’t ready for the new mini. Ramping up the iMac and filling the shipping channels takes a lot of labor, they likely want to spread it out so their people don’t have to work stupidly long days and nights, or so they don’t have to buy more warehouse space to hold back all the new products. Just a guess, but given my time in the retail industry and manufacturing industry, I imagine that that was a huge part of the calculation Apple had to make.


  2. Interesting, it looks like there’s no Haswell Mac mini update coming this year.
    Seems odd to reprice if there’s a new Mac mini coming in a couple of weeks.

    The Mac mini was updated after 19 months in 2009 and 15 months in 2012.
    This time, 15 months would place the update in Jan 2014 and 19 months in May 2014.

    A later update cycle would draw more attention to the Mac Pro this year. Then it would enable an update based on a miniaturised version of the Mac Pro’s industrial design in early 2014.


  3. Apple also increased the iPhone 5s pricing from the iPhone 5 and 4S price tier in Australia:

    The last time they used this price tier was for the iPhone 4.


    • standardpull says:

      The high currency inflation in Australia is certainly a factor in the new pricing model. Don’t like it? Then you have to have a new government that is a little more thoughtful about the broad economy.


  4. The mac mini and the iMac also got a price increase in Brazil…

    The based model for the mac mini starts now at R$2.800 (U$1,250) and the iMac is R$6.800 (U$3.300)…


  5. The information about price change in Portugal is not accurate. Price hasn’t changed since June’13, at least for now.


  6. Peter Trist says:

    A quick peruse of the Oz site seems to indicate that everything apple has increased to about 20-23% above the US pricing. AAARRRRRRGGHHHHH!


  7. Will Liston says:

    It looks to be Haswell procs because the GFX is the Intel 4k


  8. smigit says:

    The Australian prices are clearly being adjusted due to the drop in the AUD over the past year. Twelve months ago or so several Apple products/services were made cheaper when the AUD was on the up, and now it’s weakening we’re seeing a corresponding rise.

    I haven’t done the maths on the Mac Mini, but the iPhone ‘increases’ noted in another comment are close to in line with currency conversion and the accounting of tax into the final price when compared to USD prices.


  9. Okay, now where is the new Mac Mini?


  10. India also!
    the Mac mini now starts from ₹ 44,990/- up from ₹ 39,990/-


  11. GEORG zer says:

    Maybe an update IS coming in the next days, including a price raise.
    And in those countries the old mac mini is out of stock and everyone who orders one now, will get a new one when it comes out?

    Just an idea.


  12. Probably just currency readjustment…


  13. Jim Phong says:

    And more Tim Cook madness at work. Raising prices .. it’s insane. Just like the iPhone 5C priced so high that no one with a bit of brain would waste money on such a plastic iPhone.