After issuing two reminders to former MobileMe customers that they would lose their free iCloud upgrade from 5GB to 25GB, Apple today reduced the storage limits as planned. Customers who have more than 5GB, and who haven’t bought a paid storage plan, will find that iCloud is no longer working.

If you exceed your storage plan on September 30, 2013, iCloud Backup, Documents in the Cloud, and iCloud Mail will temporarily stop working. To continue using these iCloud features without interruption, reduce the amount of iCloud storage you are using or purchase a storage plan by September 30, 2013.

As we’ve previously advised, much of the iCloud storage is usually taken up by iCloud Backups which can be deleted through System Preferences > iCloud > Manage. Those who need more than the free 5GB offered by iCloud can also use Dropbox to store photos and files.

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4 Responses to “Former MobileMe customers lose free iCloud upgrade, iCloud services stop working if over limit”

  1. Two reminders? I received more than 6 reminders in the last few weeks!? And today (10/01) everything was still working as usual. Nevertheless, I’ve upgraded to have a total of 15GB storage.


  2. Mag Bug says:

    Just like a crack dealer, apple gets you hooked then takes it away


  3. pbranham says:

    I received a reminder almost every day for the past two weeks since my usage was over 5 GB. The ironic thing about it though is that I was under 5 GB for the entirety of my free 20 GB upgrade until I upgraded my phone from 16 GB to 64 GB two weeks ago. Then I got up to about 6 GB pretty fast in backup data, so now I’m on the 10 GB upgrade plan out of necessity.