With Apple’s rumored next-generation iPads expected to be launching as early as this month, often reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is sharing some new details on the expected iPad 5 and second generation iPad mini. Kuo is still expecting both products to launch later this year sometime in 4Q13, but in his latest report claims that Apple is prepping a camera upgrade for the new iPads that would include a bump up from the current 5 megapixel iSight camera to 8 megapixels along with other improvements:

Apple could upgrade the camera as a selling point for the new iPad in a bid to increase competitiveness.

We expect the upgrade will include 8MP rear camera, up from 5MP, and larger aperture. Lens module ASP will rise 10-20% on this optics spec upgrade.

As a reminder, the new iPhone 5s includes a new five-element lens designed by Apple that also includes a larger a F2.2 aperture with an 8 megapixel sensor. The device also brings a sensor with a 15 percent larger active area, auto stabilization, and bigger 1.5 micron pixels.

That would indeed be a nice camera to put on iPads.

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 2.00.21 PM

Earlier today Reuters reported that supply chain issues with the Retina display rumored to be included in the iPad mini 2 will mean only limited quantities of the device will be available with full-scale production pushed back into 2014.

We’ve been seeing more and more leaks allegedly showing the slimmer, iPad mini-like design of the next-generation iPad 5, but we’ve yet to get any solid proof that Apple will actually launch the product alongside the much rumored second gen iPad mini later this month. The new iPad 5 is rumored to get the refreshed design and improved internals, while the second generation iPad mini is rumored to include a Retina display. There have also been unconfirmed leaks showing the new iPads in similar colors to the new iPhone 5s and even whispers of a TouchID fingerprint sensor for the larger of the two new products. Apple hasn’t sent out invites yet, but it won’t be long if it does indeed plan to host an October iPad event.

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9 Responses to “Report claims iPad 5 & Retina iPad mini will sport 8MP rear cameras w/ larger aperture”

  1. I’m confused about what the quarters mean. The report says shipping 1.2 million iPad 5’s in Q3-2013, but isn’t Q3-2013 over? The 3rd quarter in the calendar year ends with September, and I believe that Apple’s fiscal calendar is already completely finished with 2013 (Apple’s fiscal year 2014 runs from September 29, 2013 through September 28, 2014.).

    Or do these shipments mean shipments from the suppliers to Apple?


  2. “….will sport a 8mp Rear camera w/larger aperture” Great! More people holding up huge ass iPads at sporting events and recitals to piss the rest of us off.


  3. Hamza Sheikh says:

    This is something that is going to boost iPad’s market business. Apple will again get a bigger hand on other devices that are available in the market. 8MP camera with iSight technology will rock the base. Lately, many people are using their iPad devices to record videos, and take pictures.


  4. I have trouble understanding Apple quarters also. This might help explain it: http://goo.gl/tF3kj


  5. drtyrell969 says:

    Pathetic! Android’s come with 13 MP cameras and have for over a year!


    • Why pathetic? Heres – http://goo.gl/mHPiIs – an example of some reviews that say the 8MP camera in the new iPhone 5s produces better results than Android 13 MP camera. If you are a true Apple fan you should know that Apple blazes its own path and not follow what the Androids do. The Androids are Apple driven not the other way around. If you know anything about photography you wound know mega pixel count in a photo is least relevant to other factors that make a good photo.


  6. John Stevens says:

    The EMS Shipping table in the story doesn’t make sense either from looking at as an Apple Fiscal Year based table or looking at as a calendar year table. There is no way Apple would have already shipped 1.2 million iPad 5 prior to the end of their FY third quarter, which ended June 30. Likewise, there is no way Apple would have already shipped 1.2 million iPad 5 prior to end of calendary year third quarter, which ended September 30. They haven’t even introduced the product yet. Apple introduction of the iPad 5 is expected October 22nd.


  7. Ahmad Raza says:

    IPad 5 is really a great device from Apple.. loving that..