Apps running on the iPhone 5s crash twice as often as the same apps on other models, according to data released by app performance monitoring company Crittercism (via AtD).

The usual rate for app crashes on iPhones is a little under 1 percent, while the rate on the iPhone 5s is closer to 2 percent.

Levy said that perhaps the reason that the iPhone 5s is seeing more crashes than the equally new iPhone 5c is that, while developers were able to check their apps for compatibility with iOS 7 during several months of beta testing, the new hardware wasn’t available ahead of time. The iPhone 5s packs a new 64-bit A7 chip and an M7 coprocessor, while the 5c is nearly identical internally to the iPhone 5 […]

“The good news is that Apple is certainly aware of issues. they’ve pushed out two iOS updates for iOS 7… Apple is doing a really old job of addressing these issues as they come up.”

Reports of bluescreen issues are still making the news (video below), despite the iWork bug having been fixed in 7.0.1. The current version is 7.0.2, and 7.0.3 is expected soon.

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24 Responses to “Apps crashing twice as often on iPhone 5s as on other models”

  1. Looks like this is related mostly to Apple’s productivity apps.. they have not been updated since iOS 7 came out..


  2. I did experience some crashing and even some phone reboots ( !? ). I wonder how could a misbehaving app cause the phone to reboot, when it’s supposed to be running in a sandboxed environment.

    I would imagine that as apps get updated to run under iOS 7 these problem would be less frequent and eventually nonexistent.


  3. the reason of all those crashes is Crittercism library


  4. tallestskil says:

    How about developers actually update their apps to work with the new hardware, huh?


  5. 64-bit uses more memory than 32-bit, without increasing the RAM on the device Apple has essentially lowered the amount of RAM you have available for applications on a 5S. Not 100% sure this is the only reason they crash more often but it is definitely a factor.

    You can easily verify this yourself using Xcodes profiling tools.


  6. Nik Sauer says:

    Experienced crashes and the BSOD two times as well. Really annoying.


  7. Omar Sharif says:

    OMG i have this problem with my ipad , the problem is , my ipad doesnt show the blue screen of death with iWork apps only , BUT WITH EVERY APP
    any thoughts how to fix it ?


  8. PMZanetti says:

    The general lack of updates to 3rd party App Store Apps and Apple’s-own App Store Apps is absolutely pathetic and has made this one of the least enjoyable launches of a new iPhone/OS.

    iOS 7 on iPad is awful. It is horridly slow, and crashed constantly. Feels like the Android tablets I make fun of for being unusable with such issues.

    I hate when people pull this card, but I CANNOT see Steve Jobs standing for such a dismal rollout….Apple’s own Apps taking their sweet time, buggy and laggy iPad software….WTF are they thinking?

    In the back of my mind, I’m thinking that this is a temporary period that will last until Oct. 22nd when they get around to releasing 7.1, iPads, and Mavericks. And hopefully, a frigging iBooks update.


  9. A bit more context would be helpful here. Is this the core OS only? It sounds like instead we’re talking about third party apps only. So are third party 32 bit apps crashing more, or only those rebuilt for 64 bit?