Apple has announced that it will be holding its next media event on October 22nd, which is in line with expectations. The event will take place at 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern Time at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California.

The event will likely showcase new versions of the iPad, including a redesigned full-sized model that looks like a larger iPad mini and a new iPad mini that boasts a Retina display.

Also in Apple’s pipeline are new iWork suites, a new version of the Apple TV, new MacBook Pros with faster chipsets, OS X Mavericks, and the new Mac Pro. It’s unclear which of the aforementioned products will actually get stage time this time around, but the new Mac Pro, MacBook Pros, and OS X Mavericks are the most likely to appear in addition to the tablets…

As we previously reported, OS X Mavericks will be available in late October, making the timing for final details, such as pricing, perfect for the media event. The new Mac Pro was introduced earlier this year, and Apple has previously said it will ship this fall. Recent reports indicate that Apple is already preparing to put the new computer into production.

Apple typically releases its new iOS Devices around a week following their unveilings. So, it would make sense for the new iPads to arrive in stores around November 1st. However, there has been talk about delays (or constraints) for the iPad mini with Retina display. Though it would not be unprecedented for Apple to hold the launch (even with low supplies) as soon as November 1st.

We’ll have full coverage of the latest news leading up to the event, during the event, and after the event.

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35 Responses to “Apple announces October 22nd iPad event: ‘We still have a lot to cover’”

  1. I’m looking at the image Apple sent out. I don’t see a hidden or double meaning in it, like they usually hint in previous ones. Am I missing something?

  2. I think it could signal a bigger iPad. And bigger smart covers. You know. That’s a lot of screen space to cover.

  3. Something to cover? New smart covers are on the way!!!!!!!!

  4. akrieckhaus says:

    That’s a lot of leaves

  5. I wonder if Tim Cook will ever introduce something that Steve Jobs didn’t think of. All we are seeing from this CEO is updates. Where is the next game changing product?

  6. PMZanetti says:

    LOL. Totally appropriate, as we’ve known for a while that they’ve been gearing up to show off A LOT of new products at this one event.

    iPad 5
    iPad mini 2
    iOS 7.1
    OS X Mavericks
    Haswell Macbook Pros
    Mac Pro
    –and maybe even–
    Haswell iMacs ?
    Haswell Mac mini ?

  7. Andy Brooks says:

    The design was supposed to look like autumn leaves falling onto the ground. Nothing cryptic or hidden. just plain and simple Fall inspired. and yes, this will cover alot of stuff.

  8. And the iWatch maybe? Or has everyone now decided that’s never going to happen.

  9. it is curious that there are as many colors as on the 5c invitation. As far as i know there aren’t colorful iPads until now. Maybe a colorful iPad would attack the Surface collors.

  10. Usman Haque says:

    My money is on:

    iPad: Retina iPads w/ Touch ID and A7X/M7X processors…the mini will go retina but sans Touch ID, will be offered in multiple colors, and will have an A6X’ish processor…we will be saying goodbye to the iPad 2…

    Mac: Haswell MacBook Pro’s…final release of the Mac Pro…updated Cinema Display…release of Mavericks

    Other: Apple TV set-top box Refresh OR….

    Wildcard: a full-on Apple TV which can be controlled by remote, iOS devices, and (drumroll please)….the iWatch (compatible with all devices running iOS 7)

    • I don’t think that the iPads will have a M7 chip in them at all – let alone a M7X chip. Based on articles on this site the M7 chip is really for fitness apps, so they don’t have to be left open to work and don’t drain your battery. I’m sorry but I don’t see people jogging with an iPad. As for Touch ID, it doesn’t make sense for Apple to fragment their iOS lineup – let alone their iPad lineup.

  11. Hidden meaning? A lot to ‘cover’. There’s a lot of apple ‘leaves’ in the poster. Covers + leaves = books? Something book related would be my hidden guess!

  12. With the tagline “We still have a lot to cover.” It makes me wonder based on Apple’s love of pun filled hints at what will be announced, if we’ll see a new Smart Cover that has a Keyboard built in. The Surface has one and this tech: has been featured by 9to5mac in the past.

  13. Jack Jazzy says:

    I can hardly contain my excitement.

  14. All I wanna know is When Mavericks is coming out, because if it’s late October then that would Put it sometime AFTER the 22 BUT…before the First of Nov.

  15. mre86ed says:

    From H3874; a veil
    KJV Usage: covering.

    Brown-Driver-Briggs’ Hebrew Definitions

    1. covering, envelope
    Origin: from H3874
    TWOT: 1092b
    Parts of Speech: Noun Masculine

    Just thought I’d through that out there. Significance, probably none.
    I found it amusing.

  16. Bob Black says:

    Same old, Same old… with new paint
    apple events used to be something to look forward too but it’s just B O R I N G now, especially with Timmy as a speaker…

  17. I am not a long term Apple Fan Boy but a fan since the 1st iPod Nano but I do have Theory.

    I wonder if the leaves toward the bottom that are touching each other represent already released/marketed apple products going back to apple 1, Apple2, Apple 2 E, Lisa, Mac, Newton, iPod, Etc. **Apple Fan Boys & Girls** Step Up and Take a look at the number of leaves in comparison to the number of products Apple has released over time. I am not saying individual products like a Pink iPod Nano. I am talking the product categories like iPod, Macintosh, iMac, iPhone, iPod, iPod Nano, Siri, iPad, iPad Mini, Apple TV (you get the idea). Someone who knows more about apple products please look at this.

    I think the ones not on the pile floating down represent the 5 things they will be discussing on 10/22/13.

    iPad 5
    iPad mini 2
    OS X Mavericks
    Haswell Macbook Pros
    Mac Pro

    I have 3 ideas about the 1/2 leaves. My guess is the 2 half leaves (red on right top and greenish yellow on left) that are kinda cut off either 2 products in development (1 on left that greenish represents a product nearly ready for launch, like in the late winter/spring and the other that is 1/2 size and Red might suggest something coming next year in May/June..maybe iOS 8 or iPhone 6?) or they represent the 2 most recent product offerings, the new iPhones and iOS 7 Or the 2 half ones on right and left floating down could mean 2 products not deemed Major but Important but 1 is more important than the other….ie New Smart Cover with Keyboard (the green one on the left) the other Haswell Mac Mini’s. (red one on the right).

    Just my 2 cents but I’d love to hear your replies to my thoughts on this.

    Time will tell if am right…..and maybe someone can count those leaves vs Apple Products for me & reply.

  18. got my barclay card with 0 interest for a year revved up and ready!!!!!