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Users who have previously downloaded the free 30-day iWork trial and kept it on their systems found themselves able to update to the latest version of Apple’s productivity suite for free yesterday due to what is apparently a bug with the way the store finds copies of the software purchased through other sources.

Since the Mac App Store now detects boxed copies of iWork and allows them to be updated to the Mac App Store version, it seems the trial versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are perceived by the App Store as being a full purchased copy. This allows users to install yesterday’s updated apps without having to pay anything.

While the suite is free with the purchase of a new Mac, users on older machines who have never purchased any version of iWork in the past must pay the full price for each app. This bug allows those users to circumvent that process.

It’s unlikely that Apple can even fix the issue, since the trial versions of old iWork apps are identical to the retail copies (but require a serial number to activate). Since the apps use the same identifier whether activated or not, the App Store has no way to determine if the trial has been activated.

Update: Aperture users are reporting that the trial version of that app also allows a full upgrade for free.

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156 Responses to “Mac App Store bug allows iWork trial users to update the entire suite for free (Update: Aperture, too)”

  1. I thought iWork was free moving forward so why would this be a surprise?

  2. Alex Yamil says:

    apple will not do anything about this i think.

  3. weakguy says:

    Oh wow. I deleted my trials long long time ago. Too bad.

  4. I still have the trial of both, but they aint showing up. What do I have to do? :P

  5. Hmmm… Aperture is $90… Think Apple will close loophole quickly? What about Final Cut trial?

  6. I was wondering how I got keynote for free

  7. Just installed the apeture trial and can also confirm that it does allow me to upgrade to the full version for free

  8. can someone share the trials?? :P

  9. Can also confirm it works for Final cut Pro x

  10. It is just updated or associated to your Apple ID account?

  11. Its not working for me. Im waiting already like for 1 hour and still no update in Mac App Store. Also i cant open any of app from that trial version on Mavericks…

  12. Brian Dunkel says:

    All of the iWork trials that I have found on the net will not install. I get an error saying invalid checksum whenever i go to open the downloaded file.

  13. Dang. Sort of makes me wish there was a Logic trial.

  14. Did you put the same email when you open first time trial as your apple id? Becouse i populated my other email.. not connected directly to apple id. is that becouse of that i don’t have update?

  15. Just downloaded the trial iWork software from and instantly appeared on the App Store the updates, this is really cool!!

  16. Just to give you all an update, it wasn’t working for me at all. Then I updated to Mavericks, and they all (iWork, Aperture, but not Final Cut X) updated and linked to my Apple ID. Cool.

  17. Dale Madz says:

    this Works even if u had a pirated version

  18. Can anyone tell me if this work with OS X Server as well ?

  19. I can re-confirm this is all still valid, I also just did it with aperture as well :)

  20. Trials on both are no longer available for download.

  21. Kenny Tang says:

    I have the full version of iWork 09 installed. However the App Store does not show the update for me. What should I do? I also cannot download iMovie and iPhoto from App Store for free too, even after I press the accept button.

  22. Josh Koterba says:

    Aperture trial update still working.
    Final Cut X Trial Update NOT working.

    • rjgodoy says:

      I tried with all Apple software and only iWork and Aperture works. The rest doesn’t work. For iWork, download the “iWork 2013″ torrent from mac-torrents and update from Mac App Store. Enter your password to sign in and that’s all!!

  23. Confirmed, didn’t have to reboot for an update of Aperture. Downloaded a trial version and installed the update over it.

  24. I downloaded the iWork 09 trial from here.

    I ran the installer and did not launch the apps after installing.

    Go straight into the App store and the updates appear and download with no problems.

  25. And I can confirm that installing the aperture trial also works fine. The App store recognises it and does the update :)

  26. Hakan Erdur says:

    I just downloaded trial, installed it with shift, right click – open
    Opened up the programs and they stated that there is an update, would you like to update?
    Clicked yes, but no update found :(
    any reasons?

  27. silas681 says:

    You would not walk into an apple store and try and walk out with £100s if stolen gear! Thieves all if you.

    This is simply not acceptable behaviour.

    (But I can afford to buy software)

  28. This works I gave it a shot and it worked. The catch might be its showing as Installed. and It not getting updated in my purchase history. So if you format and reinstall I assume you might not be that lucky next time :)

  29. Will this add new iWork to your Apple ID account? If not, you can just torrent it, same thing… Apple’s mistake doesn’t make it legal.

  30. If anyone is looking here is a working trial of iWork

  31. Just tried it. Installed trial versions of iWork and Aperture, run it once. Then opened AppStore and successfully updated both. But they stayed trial versions.

  32. Come on people. This is looting. Would you walk into a store left unlocked during a blackout and steal stuff? Pay for your software.

  33. Stano says:

    It’s like a bloody free for all, reminds me of the riots in Britain but without the police violence…..

  34. Wow! It even associates it with your AppleID :D

  35. Gregor Di says:

    Does it work with OS Versions other than Mavericks?

  36. Nils Ka says:

    I own the iLife Suite as a non digital Copy but I only can update GarageBand.
    Does somebody know why I cant update iMovie/iPhoto?

    • albrip says:

      If have the OS with a language other than english, set it to english and restart. Worked this way for me.

      • Nils Ka says:

        changed it to english. Doesn’t work.

      • Thanks for the tip. I changed my language back to english and I did the update.

        I had iLife 11, iWork 09 and Aperture bought and working properly on Mountain Lion. When I was updating to mavericks it showed a problems with my hard drive, I replaced it, but I didn’t backed up the application. When I install from the CD iLife and Aperture, I couldn’t update the apps and Aperture and iPhoto wouldn’t open, even with serial number. After I changed the language to english and region to US (I live in South America) I updated all apps to the latest version as most people in this site.

    • Mine took an extra day to realise they needed updating, but went smoothly this morning on both.

  37. So Apple is throwing out everything for free. Big sales, kudos to them! What about the new Mac Book Pro? I suggest them to leave the Apple Store doors open tonight : D

  38. Does anyone know why imovie keeps showing in updates, even after updated ?

  39. johndoewpyo says:

    How can you install aperture trial without the trial serial number?

  40. Rick Garcia says:

    Just downloaded the iWork ’09 Trial and am currently updating to the new version of iWork. Good catch 9to5. (Thumbs Up)

  41. Is iWork permanently added to my account as a download from the store then?
    Just in case the application is deleted, can I download an activated version from the appstore?

  42. This is crazy people, I had an outdated version of Aperture trial and it updated. I am not responsible for this mistake, it happens. But I do not encourage the looting of apps. Apple was more than kind to give us Mavericks for free and now you are robbing them blind because of a glitch.

    I am glad that the i’Work ’09 was updated because it was terrible before and it forced me to buy Office ’11.

  43. Chris Marmol says:

    I downloaded cracked (full) versions of iWork 09 and it updated to the new version. If you cannot find the trial version do what I did. I will try aperture when I get home from work.

  44. Lonneke says:

    For me it doesn’t work and the language was already set to English… Could it be because of my OSX version? My Macbook is still on Lion because it’s too old for Mavericks :-(.

  45. infinidiv says:

    Does this only work with Mavericks? Or how far back does it go? It does not seem to be working with installed and activated (from a trial installer) iwork apps in Snow Leopard…

  46. Meanwhile, users with retail DVD boxes can’t upgrade. #fail, Apple. #fail.

  47. Anyone getting it to work with Final Cut Pro X?

  48. who’s got an an aperture trial pkg laying around

  49. Yup, this glitch worked for me as well with both iWork and Aperture. I never purchased iWork in the first place, though, as I found it through a non-Apple source in ’09. So I just got $140 of stuff for free. :)

  50. Winski says:

    So, the ‘beta testers’ get a full blown copy of iWork for free, and I paid for my version when I bought my Mac. So now they want me to pay again??


  51. Ryan Foley says:

    Right now it does not work for FCPX, likely because that has yet to receive an update. When they do update, it though, it might work. Don’t get your hopes up, though, because they will likely use this time to prevent this from happening on with $300 software.

  52. anybody had any luck with an snow leopard ß i know, i know, “oldschool”. anyways: anybody?

    • The new versions of iWork only work on Mavericks…I have a purchased copy of iWork 09 and it would not upgrade until I installed Mavericks. When I tried to download Pages from the App Store I got a specific “Mavericks only” warning.

  53. All of you using iWork 09, do yourself a favor: don’t erase old version until you had used new “downgraded” iwork 13.

    It’s very likely you will erase the new one and stay with the old, and way BEST, 09 version

  54. slimkhan says:

    any confirmation if it work anymore ?

    yesterday the cracked version of keynote updated to the 6.0

    and now i just downloaded the pages 4.3 but didn’t (want to) update !

  55. Downloading the trial now, you can find it on softonic. Will see if it still works for me.

  56. how do i get the aperture trial?

  57. Rye Domingo says:

    you can search for a torrent instead.:D iwork ’13 torrent for mac tpb. then it will let you downlaod all the updated versions without even installing the lower versions…:D

  58. Oh well, this is the reason that during the update of my Aperture which is cracked, it went through, just last night I downloaded the iWork trial and made the update too, now they are all updated. Need to try other app also, downloading now Pixelmator… trial

  59. Yes this is still working you can download the trails from here

  60. I’ve installed the trial version of apps, I in mac app store can i see the updates, but when i click “Install” Mac App Store said “The app was downloaded with a different apple id”.

  61. Queer1 says:

    I randomly found this today while running routine updates after upgrading to Mavericks, which I LOVE since it made my slowing MBP early 2011 with 95%full 1TB HD run almost like brand new again. Yesterday I had updated Garageband, but i found it installed itself as a second and new copy, leaving my old copy intact. However, I dodnt have any updates for iWork of Aperture as of last night. This evening I saw the updates for my iWork’09 apps and the rest of my iLife apps as well as Aperture. Im in the middle of installing em now but so far Pages and Keynote have done the same as Garageband did. I will followup on my blog about the rest. Also since i removed Final Cut Pro a few months ago, I gonna reinstall it from the disc I have and check for the update. I have excellent working full version non-cracked app DMGs for iWork and Aperture for those who wanna give it a shot. I’ll upload them and post their links on my blog as well.

  62. Will it work for Final Cut Pro X trial as well?

  63. locc eripey says:

    Do you have to upgrade to maverick first or install the trial first and upgrade to maverick? for iwork and aperture?

    • Anything will work. Installed iWork first then upgraded to mavericks and it showed me the updates. Then I installed aperture trail in Mavericks and it showed me update for this as well

      • Sumit Kumar says:

        My App store shows every update for iLike and iWork but but it hasn’t update , When i m trying to update this massage shows all the ” this update is for an app downloaded different apple id sign it with that apple id ” after that i download latest iWork 2013.dmg which is all u want to download still my app store shows update in store ..

        if any one wants to download latest iWork from here …

  64. Sumit Kumar says:

    My App store shows every update for iLike and iWork but but it hasn’t update , When i m trying to update this massage shows all the ” this update is for an app downloaded different apple id sign it with that apple id ” after that i download latest iWork 2013.dmg which is all u want to download still my app store shows update in store ..

    if any one wants to download latest iWork from here …

  65. Olaf Kroezen says:

    Works with iLife as well!!!! I can proof with a screenshot! Updating iLife iWork and Aperture as we speak!

  66. msqueenn says:

    Wondering if this glitch still works. I’m downloading a trial copy of Aperture at the moment. I want a trial version of iWork too, though I have an upgradable illegal copy. I’d rather have the suite legally on my account.

  67. No more possible …. at least for me :(

    any other ?


  68. John Dan says:

    Does it work work Logic Pro?

  69. orphicpixel says:

    To those who successfully went through this update, have you noticed the old iWorks 09 apps in your Application folder?