When Apple unveiled its updated iWork suite during its iPad Air event earlier this week, it also confirmed that it would be making the apps free for all new Mac purchases. That means new Macs shipping with Mavericks would allow users to download Pages, Keynote, and Numbers– previously $20 each– for free from the Mac App Store. That offer also extends to Macs purchased on or after Oct. 1 and yesterday Apple made an Up-To-Date Program available on its website for those that purchased qualifying Mac.

Apple has instructions on its website for applying for the Up-To-Date Program, which requires users to enter their Mac’s serial number, purchase date, and provide Apple with “an electronic copy of a dated, itemized sales receipt indicating the marketing part number(s) of the qualifying product(s) purchased.” Apple will then send codes to customers within 24 hours of confirming the purchase that can be redeemed on the Mac App Store to download the apps.

For those that purchased between Oct. 1 and Oct. 22, you’ll have to apply to the program by Nov. 21. Purchases made after Oct. 22 will have 30 days to qualify.

Apple also says that the program is only for the United States (50 states and the District of Columbia) and Canada, but it’s unclear if it will have similar programs for customers in other countries.

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3 Responses to “How to get your free iWork apps for Macs purchased after Oct. 1”

  1. I bought my computer in an Apple Premium Reseller in Chile and I was able to participate in the Up-to-date program with no problem at all. I just gave them the SN and I receive a code to redeem in the MAS. :-)


  2. Bought Macbook Air in Hong Kong, 20 Sept. Got notification directly in App Store (after upgraded to Mavericks), qualified for free iWorks app too.


  3. coeurtex says:

    a new mac convert here. bought my macair on oct 12 in the philippines and updated to mavericks. then iWork just showed up on the purchases and i wondered why it was there, i installed Keynotes and was surprised why i wasn’t asked to enter my password (like my previous purchases on iTunes) to confirm. scared that i inadvertently installed a costly app. thanks to this article, i just learned it’s free. lol. no wonder why it was so so easy to install.