The LA Times is reporting that the LA Unified School District program to equip every student with an iPad will cost $100 more per iPad than initially budgeted.

The district reported in its latest budget for the iPad program that although it is eligible for the lower price it previously cited, the discount kicks in only after it spends $400 million on iPads. That would buy 520,000 tablets. Thus far, the district has committed to paying $30 million for iPads at 47 schools … 

It was last month revealed that the roll-out may be delayed after students were able to bypass the restrictions placed on the devices when they were used outside the school network.

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9 Responses to “Los Angeles Unified School District gets its sums wrong on iPad program”

  1. 311sie says:

    A govm’t agency making a budget miscalculation? This has to be first time something like this happens!!


  2. the tao te Ching says “the more rules you have the sneakier the people will become”
    who is crabbing about the kids using the techknology in their own ways anyway? the Microsoft slate salesmen perhaps?


  3. weakguy says:

    And this is a HUGE mis calculation! Wow…


  4. Meiko says:

    Huge miscalculation. :D


  5. It’s ok, they’re the Government. They have all kinds of money, right?


  6. Dawn Urbanek says:

    Article IX of the California Constitution requires the State of California to provide a “Free” and “Equal” education to all children no matter how rich, or how poor. So it is very disturbing to me as a parent of a student in the Capistrano Unified School District in Orange County to see that LAUSD has enough funding to buy every child an i-pad when the students in CUSD are being furloughed to pay ever increasing employee compensation.

    That doesn’t sound “FREE” and “EQUAL” to me. Why should my children be deprived of a full year of instruction so that students in LAUSD can have i-pads