If you’re curious how Apple’s new iPad Air stands up in the typical drop test videos–or perhaps an Airsoft MP7 rifle is more your thing– there are fortunately plenty of crazies online that, as usual, have destroyed their new tablet so you won’t have to. The tablet doesn’t seem to hold up all that well when put under somewhat extreme ‘real world’ conditions. The iPad Air’s display completely shatters when dropped in the dirt– not exactly the same results as the drop test that makes a brief appearance in Apple’s own iPad Air ad. A few more drop tests from around the web below:

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5 Responses to “These guys destroy the iPad Air so you don’t have to”

  1. Alex Yamil says:

    heading to Spigen to get the glass front protection


  2. Glass is brittle, even Gorilla glass. This is why we buy screen protectors, cases and Applecare+.


  3. Those are real world tests? What a bunch of rednecks.


  4. why people even do this


  5. Craig Olson says:

    No, I don’t buy screen protectors or cases. I just make it a point not to drop it face down on concrete and I’m all good!