As evidenced by TV supply chain sources, Apple could be prioritizing wearable technology and delaying a true Apple TV launch during 2014. That’s according to analyst Paul Gagnon of DisplaySearch who believes Apple was positioned to debut a true iTV in the latter half of next year, but has put that plan on hold due to content deals still in development.

For Apple to have a successful television product for the living room, it needs to achieve three goals:

Sell enough units to generate sufficient content purchasing points, especially among households who do not yet own Apple TV set-top boxes.

Offer a unique point of differentiation to capture market share from leading TV manufacturers such as Samsung and Vizio, while at the same time being able to sell the products for a high enough price to deliver typically high Apple margins.

Create follow-on replacement purchases to keep hardware sales from flat-lining once household penetration peaks.

Instead, Gagnon believes Apple could focus on wearable technology next year.

With Tim Cook’s promise that Apple will enter a new product category in 2014 and notable secret projects and hires, the evidence is certainly mounting that the rumored iWatch is destined for debut in the coming months, but it’s curious that TV supply chain sources would have insight on particular deals Apple has cut with networks.

If you don’t have Gene Munster-like faith that Apple will ship a true iTV soon or ever dabble in home automation, DoorBot goes on sale soon and should entertain you for a while.

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3 Responses to “Analyst: iTV plans put on hold for wearables debut in 2014”

  1. I don’t understand how Gene Munster still has a job, let alone a decent paying one.


  2. It’s his way of saving face after realizing his prediction of Apple releasing TVs in 2013
    (or was it 2012? 2011? 2010?) wasn’t going to happen . . . again!
    He’s become the “running joke” of analysts.


  3. The simple fact they still refer to it as the “iTV” shows they have absolutely no idea what they’re blathering on about.