Microsoft has released a major update for its Bing app for iPad. The new app features a revamped interface to match the aesthetic of Apple’s latest OS along with a host of other features and improvements. Users are now able to save the daily image found on the search engine’s home page to their camera rolls for use as a wallpaper or whatever other purpose they decide.

Images and bookmarks can now be saved in the app and synced via Mirosoft’s SkyDrive service to other devices. Search results can now be shared to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Improvements and updates have been made to maps results, the Bing logo, and other graphics throughout the app.

Among a few other improvements, the new app also includes a gift finder, allowing users to quickly find gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

You can grab the updated Bing app for iPad on the iTunes App Store now.

What’s New in Version 2.0

•A cleaner, simpler UI for iOS 7.
•Save the daily image to use as wallpaper.
•Save bookmarks and images and access them via SkyDrive.
•Share what you find on Facebook, Twitter, and more.
•Earn Bing Rewards credits for your web searches.
•Improved Maps search results.
•Updated Bing logo and color palette.
•Gift Finder – Find appropriate gift ideas for family and friends.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft updates Bing for iPad to version 2.0 with iOS 7 design, SkyDrive bookmarks, and more”

  1. Now that apps get updated automatically, these posts arnt as impactful. In ios 6 I had 200 updates I never updated, just the important ones.


    • Al Thomas says:

      But it’s beneficial to users who haven’t used Bing for iPad, it’s useful to discover new features. Or perhaps someone used Bing and didn’t like it the the first go around.

      I’ve never had 200 updates, that’s way too many updates to have. Why even have apps if you are reluctant to update them?


      • I didn’t update them because I was cramped for space on the ipad. For how long it takes the ipad 3 to get to the updates page, put in password, then wait to download, that’s a full time job I should have gotten paid for that.
        But bing app I was really into it long ago, but I always went back to Flipboard. Bing app sounds aweful, but it’s actually a cool news app.