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In July, we reported that Apple was already at work on iOS 7.1 and that it would build in support for the upcoming iOS in the Car feature:

We also understand that Apple is already at work on a point update (perhaps iOS 7.1 or 7.2), and this new version will begin building in support for iOS in the Car. Apple says that iOS in the Car will formally launch in 2014 with several car makers.

iOS in the Car is a feature that allows customers to attach an iOS device to a compatible car center console via either wireless protocols or over a USB cable. An iOS interface for managing Maps, Messages, and Music appears on the car’s display…

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Right on time, the latest beta of iOS 7.1 has added a toggle to enable or disable “Car Display” in the Restrictions Settings panel. We also understand from multiple sources that Apple has greatly increased the amount of iOS in the Car references in both iOS 7.1 beta 1 and in the new beta 2.

While it is always possible that iOS in the Car gets delayed further into 2014, it currently seems like Apple is targeting a launch for iOS in the Car alongside iOS 7.1 next year.

As soon as iOS 8, Apple plans to further enhance its mapping and car-integration functionality. Sources say that Apple is working on an updated Maps app with indoor mapping and transit directions functionality. The company is also testing ways to integrate the iPhone’s sensors with the in-car dashboard systems.

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16 Responses to “iOS 7.1 likely to unlock Apple’s upcoming iOS in the Car feature”

  1. *prays that iOS in the car will somehow be compatible with Ford cars currently equipped with MyFordTouch Sync garbage*


  2. Eric Lee says:

    I have a 1998 Camry but now I’m thinking to buy a new car.


  3. Wonder how some car manufacturers will feel about this. Selling nav, etc is a $3000 option on makers like BMW. It must be nearly all profit.
    I’m guessing they will continue to require you to buy the nav package which sometimes even requires other random things like moon roofs or chrome trim.


  4. Will it work with the Tesla? That’s my next car.

    Hey, I can dream can’t I?? ;)


    • I don’t think you’re too far off…there’s speculation that Apple wants to buy Tesla, so if that happens, you’ll be golden. Their corporate offices are only 10 minutes away from each other as it is…


  5. Who cares? Fix the bloody Safari crashes on iPad Air devices!!!


  6. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything about Subaru being part of the iOS in the car partner list :(
    It’s pointless to buy a car now with their lame infotainment systems; when the system can be run by iOS / your iPhone / iPod touch it will be 1000x more functional.


  7. I believe other than car companies the car stereo makers like Pioneer and kenwood will make cars dash with ios7 in car option so we can swap preinstalled car dash with the ones available in after market, these car makers ask almost 3 fold for the price of car stereos which are available in the market.


  8. Now if only they were able to make it work on existing vehicles. The major problems is car manufacturers create these car console are not really creating upgrades for the existent cars that are out there. if they did, then it sure would exite those who are interested. I don’t think those who have a car now with car console in them are going to buy another car just for this feature. So it wont be before several years before you see a real interest.


  9. Strange, a lot of people talking about buying a new car just to be able to use “iOS in the car” feature? Really? I tried hard but I cant find one problem with using just an iPhone for navigation. Why do we need the “Dealers Nav Package” anyway? Doesn’t your iPhone do everything a sat nav does?