Jailbreaking may be for those who want the freedom to step outside of what Apple has decided iOS devices should do, but even jailbreakers are not immune to the influence of the company’s design guidelines, it seems.

The Cydia app, which allows users of jailbroken iPhones and iPads to install software not available on the App Store, has been updated with a flat look, bright colors and translucent overlays in line with iOS 7. This follows the surprise release of an iOS 7-compatible untethered jailbreak by the Evasi0n team.

There’s perhaps a small amount of rebellion in the fact that the app’s icon has not yet been updated to an iOS 7 look.

A thank-you for help with the new look was tweeted by @saurik. Video of the new app below the break …

Owners of the original iPad and 4th-gen iPod Touches can also get in on the action after a follow-up jailbreak for those on iOS 6.1.3 to 6.1.5

Thanks, Rachel, for the screengrabs

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10 Responses to “Cydia app for jailbroken devices updated with iOS 7 look and feel”

  1. Has anyone had any success with the Jailbreak? I see a lot of people with bricked devices. And if you have been successful, are BiteSMS and LockInfo working?


    • verizon2828 says:

      I was able to download BiteSMS, but it crashes immediately upon launching it. Haven’t been able to get anything else to work. I’m on a 5S with Verizon.


    • Chris Brewer says:

      I have on my 5s. I haven’t installed anything yet from Cydia so cannot comment on compatibility.


    • I had no problem jailbreaking my phone (VZW 4S) but a majority of the tweaks don’t work. Mobile Substrate wasn’t updated to work with ios7 yet so until it is the tweaks will download but not show (or if they do show they’ll most likely crash). I’m just hanging tight, I’m sure it’ll all be taken care of eventually (probably after the holidays).


    • I have and it isn’t bricked at all works well. A few tweaks are out, winterboard is getting there, look is nice. BiteSMS are working on it and have to wait until full mobilesubstrate works


    • As Saurik and many others said, there are some issues with the stability of the substrate so not all tweaks are working and as far as 64 bit devices are concerned, they have an even lower success rate with tweaks.


    • Jesse Kay says:

      Neither of those two apps have been updated for iOS 7 yet. BiteSMS is supposed to be releasing a beta version on Friday. I don’t know about whether or not LockInfo is being updated.


  2. Jose Leite says:

    worked at the first time, no problems at all. thank you


  3. viktormadarasz says:

    When AppSync is out for iOS 7 so I can transfer pirated apps via iTunes? :)