Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 1.21.56 PMThe latest version of Picasa includes an additional bit of software called Google+ Auto Backup, as reported by Google Operating System. The new software can be used to automatically backup photos and videos from user-selected directories to your Google+ account. Interestingly, the app has nothing to do with the Picasa service, even though it ships exclusively with the Picasa app.

The app can save unlimited 2048px photos to your account, or upload full-quality versions at the expense of Google Drive space. It can also intelligently copy media from storage cards and other devices that are attached to the system. Furthermore, the app can be configured to backup all media to a designated location on the local hard drive, putting all of your backed-up media in one convenient place.

You can get the Google+ Auto Backup app by downloading the latest version of Picasa.

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3 Responses to “Google launches new Google+ auto-backup utility for Mac with latest Picasa update”

  1. How do I get rid of autobackup? I uninstalled it from Google plus (using Windows 7 uninstall feature) and it is still present in Picasa?

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    • Robert Stack says:

      Did it reinstall itself? You can look at the install date. I disabled automatic update in Picasa since my Google + autobackup was reinstalled. I uninstalled it, and now I’ll see if it installs itself again. I can’t believe google would force their secondary products down our throats with an automatic installation of a program we didn’t agree to install.


  2. This app (Google+ auto backup) has hijacked my computer, I’ve gone over my usage by $100 and nobody can tell me how to shut if off. Everything is running slow, it SUCKS, DO NOT DOWN LOAD THIS APP.