We’ve already seen retailers and major venues like Macy’s, the Apple Store, MLB, and even CES implement iBeacon technology into their overall visiting experience, and today inMarket is kicking off its Mobile to Mortar campaign (via TechCrunch) to bring the Bluetooth LE beacons to over 200 grocery store locations and more.

The company, which offers a number of shopping and retail apps, is equipping several Safeway and Giant Eagle grocery store entrances with the tiny beacons in an effort to increase interaction between retailers and shoppers with smartphones. The initial launch is limited to various locations in San Francisco, Seattle, and Cleveland, and inMarket plans to expand to other markets and retailers as its campaign continues.

With inMarket’s approach, the iBeacon experience is the same across various retailers as the beacons interface with inMarket’s coupon and reward apps rather than apps specific to the store like in the Apple Store’s case.

inMarket says its beacons are about the size of a quarter each, and like other iBeacon implementations will remain unseen to the consumer in creating the iBeacon experience.

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One Response to “iBeacon rollout continues as inMarket connects over 200 grocery store locations”

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