Wifi-equipped cameras have long been one of those things that promise more than they deliver. In theory, you can take a photo on your camera and have it instantly and wirelessly transferred to your Mac. In practice, not so much. You either need to go via an iOS device, or go via a router with ridiculously-convoluted networking configuration required to make it work. 

Eye-Fi seems to be getting one step closer to the theory, announcing beta software at the Showstoppers CES event that allows photos to be sent direct from camera to Mac. The beta version is free, though you have to register for the company’s labs project to get access, but it seems the release version will be chargeable.

The app is only compatible with Mobi cards – earlier versions won’t work. Hopefully the reliability of the cards has improved since I last tried them.

CES coverage brought to you by Belkin

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2 Responses to “Eye-Fi announces software for direct camera-to-Mac transfers”

  1. It’s about time. We’ve only been asking for this for about five years. EyeFi seems to think they were Apple, and could tell users that lack of features was a good thing. But I guess they found out they were not. Now that cameras are coming with WiFi built in, they’re finally trying to be relevant. Maybe it’s too late. I certainly gave up on them a long time ago.


  2. Ryan Parrish says:

    I’ve been using 6 Eye-Fi cards in my office for a few years direct to my Mac within my local Wifi network, no router config necessary (I should know, I’m the SysAdmin and wouldn’t use these if I had to config our Cisco for them) . What convoluted setup are you talking about?