If ever there was a simple visual to illustrate just how slow Microsoft was to wake up to the shift into mobile, it’s this one: a full 70 percent of Windows users also own at least one Apple product.

While there will be some joint Windows/OS X users in there, the majority of them will be people with Windows PCs and either an iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Via Business Insider

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14 Responses to “How badly Microsoft missed the mobile ship: 70 percent of Windows users own an Apple product”

  1. wow…this is really interesting..


  2. What’s one have to do to another. What about people using an Imac and an IPod etc. ?


    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      The point it’s illustrating is that if Microsoft had got its mobile and ecosystem act together from the start, most of those people would now be using Microsoft phones and tablets


      • And the other side of the coin, how many users decided to check out an iMac/MacBook from their experience from an iPhone/iPad. I’m a Microsoft Systems Engineer of 15 years, and bought my first iMac (27″, GTX 780m) last October after taking an interest in them from my experience from my iPhone. Wife went to an Air the year before. I’m sure the gateway rate is very low, given the Mac Sales numbers, but it does happen.

        I have reservations, given the backlash of the Win8 “The UI Formerly called metro” UI, that most of them would be using a Windows Phone and Tablet. Windows Phones and tablets have had enough market time now, and Android/Apple still dominate quite heavily, and the uptake numbers per quarter do not suggest it will change anytime soon (taking into account a 2 year contract term for phones). I feel in the consumer space, MS still has some serious tweaking to do to find the secret sauce of success there. Like Xbox, it may just be time to remove “Windows” from the naming of products to remove that stigma it seems to carry with a lot of people even today.


  3. Stetson says:

    Source link seems to be broken.


  4. sardonick says:

    If Windows had a phone and a tablet near as good as the Apple products, and at the same time, I likely would not own any Apple products today. As it stands, the iPad converted me to desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.


  5. yeah, that’s a pretty bad miss, but when you have the Windows Phone chief Joe saying that WP is beating iPhone in 24 markets, its not hard to see why. If you look into those markets, they are markets where the best selling phones are all below $200.00 unlocked. So, Microsoft is competing with zero Apple products. Bravo Microsoft.


  6. Makes sense, innovation is crucial for technology development, and Microsoft definitely fell behind.


  7. Big typo in the title – ‘Windows’, not ‘Window’.


  8. Yiu Yin Yau says:

    what about Android ?


    • syed ahmed says:

      i’m assuming who ever owns android owns at least windows PC so comparison for M$ will be 100% android users own windows machine – since android users are very cost concious and premium tag apple demands doesnt help either.