Continuing its “Life on iPad” campaign, Apple released its new “Your Verse” iPad Air ad yesterday featuring a motivational voiceover of Robin Williams from the film “Dead Poets Society”. While the ad has been largely received well, it has not been without some criticism by many citing its tone and some extreme use cases for the iPad. What do you think? Does the “Your Verse” ad inspire you to do more with the iPad? Does it miss the pitch by using extreme edge cases or does it fall flat altogether? Let us know in our poll below:

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6 Responses to “Poll: What do you think about Apple’s “Your Verse” iPad Air ad?”

    • urdtrain says:

      As an “engineer, doctor, scientist” or whomever else was dismissed. I think poets, who don’t have intelligence enough to be one of the above are the waste of humanity.

      If “poets” had brain enough, they’d realize that what “doctors, architects, engineers” do is not just “while necessary” is in fact poetry and art. Because a surgeon or engineer doesn’t use words to turn a clever phrase, if you have an IQ that allows you to understand such things, you can be view beauty and experience the sublime.

      People that think “art” is the highest pinnacle are blind to the art of human invention and endeavor.

      “Worthwhile” pursuits? Get a job mr Whitman.


  1. sardonick says:

    A little less marketing, a little more innovation and quality control. Marketing doesn’t replace quality.


  2. the “extreme use cases” people are complaining about just seem to be the reason iPad and it’s many uses are inspiring. we live in a market almost infinitely niched out by and the for a tablet iPad does a pretty good job of filling in those niches no matter how obscure, on the edge, cooky, or what have you.


  3. It seems rushed and Robin doesn’t seem to have his heart in the recording. Almost like it was his 50th retake. I hope hoping for a outstanding effort like the Christmas commercial. Maybe if Morgan Freeman recorded it?