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Apple has released iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers via the Software Update function in Settings of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The previous betas brought various interface enhancements to the phone app, shut down slider, and the calendar application. Only hours ago, a rumor said that iOS 7.1 beta 4 would be released tomorrow. We’ll update this post as new changes are discovered in beta 4:


– Subtle text change for slide to unlock and slide to power off.

–  iPad has gained new Siri voice gender options for the UK.

– Messages now scrolls more smoothly and with more animation.

– Shut down slider also more in line with the new, shinier Slide to Unlock text

– General bug fixes, performance, and stability enhancements

– The build number for this release is 11D5134c

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50 Responses to “Apple seeds iOS 7.1 beta 4 to developers with minor interface tweaks”

  1. i Marc says:

    Gets better and better ! I Iove iOS 7.1 ! <3


  2. fredddielee says:

    “Slide to unlock” and “slide to power off” have new highlitiing animations on the text. Looks nice and pretty.


  3. ‘Lady Siri’ was available in the iPhone when beta 3 was released, good to see it come to the iPad now.


  4. The slide to unlock effect has been modified a little bit


  5. Is the app switching and Safari tab refreshing bug fixed? It’s all reported here:


  6. Zoheb Khan says:

    The Photo app icon has changed…


  7. Stefano Vago says:

    What the hell are they doing in apple? Was a “Subtle text change for slide to unlock and slide to power off” a priority in iOS 7? Damn I had to buy an htc one to work because my 4S was too buggy, slow and the battery drained a lot. Also my mac needs an update soon.


    • 1nf3cted says:

      iOS 7 is the first major revision of iOS since it’s debut, logically it will have it’s hiccups. With this .1 update, Apple is trying to buff out and polish their new minimalistic theme, while also trying to improve stability and performance. Just because the only changelog noted is a modification to the slide to unlock animation, that doesn’t mean that they have made some back-end stability improvements as well. You can’t really make a change note of a stability improvement — only make note that there have been stability and performance enhancements.

      I believe that iOS 7 will be much more stable and polished with the release of 7.1 — perhaps not perfect yet, but surely noticeably improved.


      • Canuk Storm says:

        Good point. Personally, I’d rather they just work on stability, performance, bug improvements for 7.1 and leave the UI polishing for iOS 8.


      • David Foggia says:

        Android is better. iOS is only good because of how pathetically simple it is to hack and do the tinniest stuff like sneaking an update to a beta version when you aren’t a Dev. iOS just stinks. iOS 7 is slow. Can’t wait till a few !months when I can get rid of this iPhone 4 and puck up my htc one (successor). Fuck apple and their overpriced producta


      • To David from below this, Apple has fixed the issue with the beta testing for non dev. they now lock the phone out and makes it harder for the user to do anything after that. I was one of them and it ended up me asking my friend to make me a developer under his company both of us run. So your statement is invalid.


      • Kroo Smith says:

        To David Foggia. We can’t wait either. Then you won’t need to “visit” here, the would you? Bye bye.


    • Its not worthwhile complaining about small visual tweaks, as typically

      a) They are much simpler to implement than a problematic bug fix.

      b) They create the feeling that at least something has changed with a new release, which is psychologically desirable.

      c) They sometimes genuinely are to fix something for someone, such as the deaf or partially sighted, or to make things easier for new users,

      and d) they may be implemented by a different team than the bug fixes you desire would be, so do not impact on those bug fixes.

      Against that there is the risk of introducing a new bug, of course.


  8. Stefan Amann says:

    Isn’t the animation faster for the Control Center?


  9. Rob Smithson says:

    It would be nice if they fix the f*ing disaster that is the Music app.


  10. Prince Ugwuh says:

    Any one notice the video camera part of the Camera App? You can take pictures while recording a video at the same time.


  11. I would REALLY like it if they changed the Camera app. It’s the one thing in iOS 7 that still bugs me.


  12. I hear that they still haven’t fixed the bug in the Group Messaging API (which affects many users on all group text apps under iOS7)


  13. iOS 7 has made my iPad 2 slow to a crawl.. please make it faster…
    And please let me choose to remove animations of the screens…


  14. I wish they would add a way to “mute” group conversations you are added into, much like you can do in the Facebook messenger app.


  15. JP says:

    Hopefully there add a way to see media posted in imsgs in the past, it’s a nightmare right now that you can’t see media from like a week ago, unless you save it.


  16. tothemoonsb says:

    I renewed my dev account today. Can’t wait to get it! Also, here’s my iOS 8 wish list:


  17. Has anyone else noticed the terrible glow effect they added around the “slide to unlock” text if you have notifications or are playing music an then tap the bottom area? At first I thought it was a bug but I’m pretty sure now that it there to make how to unlock the device more noticeable when the screen starts to get cluttered. Clearly this design doesn’t work. They should have never changed something that wasn’t broken. But hey, everyone wanted change right? Jony Ive is not a UI designer. I hope he is removed from his role soon and put back solely on hardware. They need someone who cares about usability in charge.


  18. The music app crashes on my i5…