The Apple/Sony/Blackberry/Microsoft-backed Rockstar consortium is involved in yet another patent lawsuit. This time, several large US cable companies are up in arms over the idea that Rockstar is preparing to break up its patent portfolio into a host of smaller shell companies, each of which would hold a portion of the key patents needed by said cable companies.

Essentially any cable company that failed to license the entire former Nortel portfolio could be litigated against, facing lawsuits and sky-high legal costs.

It’s possible that the cable companies also see Apple TV as a threat to their channel packaging business model.

The full lawsuit is below.

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3 Responses to “Cable companies sue Apple’s Rockstar consortium over patent conspiracy”

  1. Air Burt says:

    Sooooo…….maybe just…..license the patents?

    With as much as they gouge their customers, they can afford to do it.


  2. Rick Adams says:

    The action is Google vs. Rockstar. Are the Cable companies tagging along?


  3. Thomas Vaught says:

    Cable companies are against bundling patents that they will use along with patents that they will not. How ironic considering they force their customers to pay for a wide array of channels that hold no interest for them.