Pad & Quill, makers of our favorite high-end cases for iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks, have a new unique lineup of hand made iPad Air cases with lots of customization options.

The Author Series case for iPad Air is based around a satin finished wood base with ports cut out for connector access. The book-style exterior resembles a nice moleskin journal (you wouldn’t know the difference when it’s closed). The cover actually takes advantage of the iPad magnet system and puts the display to sleep when it’s closed just like Apple’s Smart Cover, but with more security and protection (and sophistication).

Pad & Quill’s Author Series case isn’t just handmade; it’s also really customizable.

Designs vary between 14 different exterior colors and patterns. You can also choose various colors for the spine, elastic, and inside for a highly personalized look. The site gives you a preview as you choose between the color options so you know what to expect.

The Pad & Quill bookmark is used to make it easy to remove your iPad, and you can opt for the pocket seen above on the left if you prefer. You’d be challenged to see two of these cases alike, especially if you include an anagram on the cover.

The custom built cases start at $79.99 and are made in St. Paul, Minnesota. With Valentine’s Day on next Friday, you’ll want to check these out soon. You can also see Pad & Quill’s offerings on Amazon as well.

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3 Responses to “Pad & Quill add handmade, Author Series cases for iPad Air”

  1. I don’t understand why anyone under the age of 60 thinks these things are a good way to go for an iPad case. They turn a normally sleek, light, efficient iPad into a heavy, clunky, thick thing that’s awkward to use and impossible to get at quickly. They should hand out matching hand carved wooden canes with these things.