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After a couple of teases that a new Angry Birds title was incoming, Rovio today announced that a new game called “Angry Birds Stella” is coming soon. The game features a female lead character unlike the majority of Rovio’s other games, but there aren’t many details about how else it might differ from other Angry Birds titles.

Angry Birds Stella will open a door to a part of the Angry Birds universe you’ve never seen before! There will be plenty of fun and adventure, but the bunch of passionate pals will also have to deal with some serious issues in order to protect their friendship and the environment they live in. Luckily, Stella and her friends are good at finding creative solutions!

No word on an official release date, but Rovio says the game will ship sometime in the fall.

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2 Responses to “Rovio announces new ‘Angry Birds Stella’ game coming this fall”

  1. I know Angry Birds is a beloved franchise to a lot of people, so I expect some backlash from this post, but here goes…

    I played Angry Birds so much when it first came out and even purchased the sequels when they came out. I am the kind of person that will keep redoing a level until I get three stars, so I played it a LOT. Then the updates kept coming even before I finished the previous updates level and I fell behind. I started seeing the merchandising and I got just got sick of trying to keep up and it was everywhere. Plush toys, TV show references, etc. To say the least, they saturated me and I just gave up trying to keep up.

    So when I hear about a “new” Angry Birds that is really the same except for some new twists, I just brush it off and know that I won’t be buying. Believe me, I would love my apps not he app store to be the kind of cash printing press that the Angry Birds franchise is, but I am Angry Birds exhausted as a consumer.

    My two cents delivered…


  2. I will keep my judgement on this one until it is released. I installed and soon after deleted the racing game due to it’s horrible in app purchase system.