Apple’s Your Verse advertising and marketing campaign for the iPad, depicting some of the inspiring ways in which people are using iPads to help with everything from ice hockey coaching to concussion treatment, has been expanded to include mountaineering.

Elevating the expedition is a new addition to the Your Verse microsite illustrating the ways in which mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington use iPads to assist them with preparing for a climb, navigating the route and live-blogging their experiences and photographs … 

While an iPad might be seen as something of a luxury on a mountaineering trip, the two describe it as a key part of their kit.

At each stage of the climb, Ballinger and Harrington reduce the gear in their packs. So as the climb becomes more difficult, they’re carrying only the most essential tools. And because it’s a crucial part of how they navigate the mountain safely, the iPad makes it all the way to the top.


Apple launched the Your Verse campaign with a 90-second TV ad with a Dead Poet Society themed narration, together with the accompanying microsite. The company followed up with two different 30-second variations on the ad, Light Verse and Sound Verse.

While response to the campaign has been mixed, our own poll found that 71 percent of 9to5Mac readers found it inspiring.

Apple is also promoting the campaign with an ad on The Verge, and likely plans to run it on other tech websites. Although not immediately obvious as an ad, the iPad graphic running across the full width of the site is a Your Verse video.


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12 Responses to “Apple takes Your Verse iPad campaign to new heights with mountaineering feature”

  1. why do they bring the iPad on top of the iPhone ? I guess that’s because they keep the smartphone off, for longer battery life in case of emergency. But if so, that could have been explained in the page.


    • Ben Lovejoy says:

      Also, the larger iPad screen will be much easier to use, I would think


    • As Ben Lovejoy said, screen real estate can make a difference. I’ve often found when I’m travelling, especially in foreign countries, I’d be walking around with my iPad in hand using it to reference maps, research locations or jot down notes because it’s simply easier/more convenient to do with the larger screen.


    • boroughbloke says:

      Truly frightening that this material does not come with a huge warning to never ever ever rely on an iphone or ipad or any such non professional aid for navigation anywhere that your life may depend on them. People relying on such things have died by doing things like this climbing even Britain’s less than impressive (or remote) high places with nothing but an iphone for navigation.


    • Too bad the iPad Air specs say the device has only been tested up to 3000 m. I guess Apple is using their users as testers.

      “Operating altitude: tested up to 10,000 feet (3000 m)”

      –You’re a mountaineer? Sorry, you’re out of warranty!


  2. Good luck on the wireless connectivity or lack thereof. :-) I love my iPhone and my iPad but when I’m hiking in the mountains or climbing, there is typically zero coverage. 11 days in the Rockies covering 75 miles, I found two five minute intervals of coverage and it certainly wasn’t 4G. Good ad, just not realistic in the real world unless Apple starts offering satellite internet coverage.


  3. And yes, you can have satellite connection, though, not from Apple


  4. It would have been cool if they snuck an iWatch in there for health tracking ;)


  5. Topo map is a great app for offline navigation. Completely accurate (in my experience) topographical survey maps. No gps feature, but I sure cuts down on paper weight.


  6. Hi.. Need advise… I am planning to buy iPad Air or Mini in coming week…. What should i do??? Should i wait for new product launch or buy it current product…….



  7. Oflife says:

    How do you operate any Apple iOS device without gloves in what will be freezing temperatures? (Nokia Lumia phones and Samsung Galaxy S4 & Note 3 can all be operated using gloves, the S4 & Note 3 by switching on a feature that increases the touch sensitivity.)

    Liked by 1 person