Today we get our best look yet at Apple’s new CarPlay iOS feature running in new vehicles from Volvo and Ferrari. Both debuting this week at the Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari is showing off the feature in its new FF (below), while the video above from Mac4Ever gives us a hands-on demo of the feature in the new Volvo XC90 SUV. Comparing the videos, we can see that the implementation of CarPlay varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Volvo, for instance, has a system to display CarPlay and its own content simultaneously, while Ferrari appears to have a dedicated hardware button to activate CarPlay and switch between it and the traditional in-car system. Head below for the full-hands on from Ferrari and a concept Volvo demo:

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11 Responses to “Hands-on demo of CarPlay in new Ferrari & Volvo vehicles from Geneva Motor Show [Video]”

  1. While I like that the text of messages never show up, I have to wonder about some of the other things displayed. A list of artists, playlists, radio stations. Can such things really be safely used while driving? Should selecting such things be Siri only also? Is it different from running a radio station on conventional tuners?

    I wonder what research has been done. Maybe I’m just worried because of the people texting while driving that are clearly not paying attention, but a big display screen in a car, while it looks like fun, concerns me.


    • Basically everyone I know is already using their phone to play music, load in maps and unfortunately read text messages while driving. If this makes it quicker and easier for someone to get to what they want I’d think it safer than looking down at a tiny cellphone screen.

      but also if music selection is something a copilot can do too. If all of these things were audio only it’d be annoying when you have passengers. I guess you don’t need siri if you have a real person in the car with you.


  2. I can identify with car play, Ferraris and Volvos. Get real


  3. I think manufacturers can enable visual screen navigation when the passenger seat airbag sensor is turned on that way your copilot would be able to browse while you drive.


  4. daving313 says:

    Does it use the phone’s GPS for Maps or does it integrate with hardware in the car?

    Hoping the car itself….


    • Just your phone. Once Google gets their hands on the SDK (not sure if they haven’t yet) they will eventually come out with an update for Google Maps supporting CarPlay. Apple, since they developed the SDK, already came out with all their default apps.

      For now, just Apple Maps.


  5. James Pruitt says:

    The Fact that this screen is not multitouch (in a Ferrari) is comical. I’m a little surprised that Apple would actually allow this since it dumbs down the iOS experience.


  6. As the article suggests, this is NOT the new Volvo XC90 SUV but in fact the new Volvo Concept Estate.