Pegatron is gearing up to start mass-producing the next-generation iPhone, according to a report by The Commercial Times. Production of the next iPhone (or iPhones) is said to be starting in Q2, though there aren’t many more specifics available, and no indication of just how many devices will be produced at that time.

Currently not much is known about the so-called iPhone 6 aside from a few details about its display, which is said to be made of sapphire (possibly at Apple’s new Mesa, AZ plant) and will be bigger than the current iPhone display. Some reports even indicate that there could be two new models with differing screen sizes, both bigger than the iPhone 5s.

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15 Responses to “Pegatron reportedly starting iPhone 6 mass production in Q2”

  1. Funny how I got criticized on this site for years for wanting a larger screened iPhone, told over and over again that I should buy an Android, and yet now if they don’t release a large screened iPhone, the outcry will be heard from the ISS through the vacuum of space.


    • rettun1 says:

      I guess it’s funny, how about a pat on the back for being right all along?

      Anyway, if mass production starts we can expect the hardware leaks to quickly follow.


      • rahhbriley says:

        Haha great reply. Here he can take a pat on the back from me too! Here’s to the fact that people have different preferences and changing opinions!!


    • It’s actually kind of funny you say that, because I was thinking as I read this article that this might be the first time I don’t bother upgrading to the next generation model. I did feel the iPhone needed a bigger screen than the 4, but for me the 5 screen dimensions are right on the edge of what I find usable. Anything wider/taller and it loses the portability I want an iPhone for in the first place.

      Frankly, now that Apple has two sizes of iPad, if they’re going to do different iPhone sizes, I wish they’d make an iPhone Mini, a Nano-sized ultra-portable phone (maybe that’s what the iWatch is meant to accomplish). I don’t need a larger iPhone simply because if I wanted a larger screen, I’d get an iPad Mini. An incrementally larger iPhone just seems half-assed to me — not large enough to provide the benefits of an iPad, but too bulky to be easily portable.


    • Tallest Skil says:

      You’re still being criticized, and no, there won’t be an outcry.


    • I am happy with the screen size of the 4, I have not upgraded to the 5 and won’t probably upgrade to the 6, but I do need an upgrade for a better and faster phone.


  2. komarovstyle says:

    Some reports even indicate that there could be two new models with differing screen sizes, both bigger than the iPhone 5s.


  3. entropy2112 says:

    Part leaks to follow!


  4. That iphone render is very nice!!


  5. overall it’s nice but the market of it makes the company pure


  6. The only reason I might even go for an HTC One is simply because of the GBs, I think it’s ridiculous how Apple still making 16GB iPhones and now they might release an 8GB? I’m sure there are reasons for it, but my reason for leaving Apple is for the GBs, even thou I love iOS.


  7. I agree with Edward Sung, no need for a larger screen than the 5 series. That’s the main reason I haven’t gone with the Galaxy phones, because they’re too big to fit in my pocket and too heavy; weighing down my pocketbook, etc. I have unfortunately upgraded to the 5s from the 4s and perfect screen size aside, the new IOS7 software is simply terrible. All of my apps are messed up and the battery isn’t any better, the interface is weird looking, now the app icons look like cheap symbols, the 4 series was much more elegant in their design. The notes and SMS interface has no formatting and just looks strange. Why would anyone want to have to play around in settings or download a wallpaper app to accomplish what the 4 series already had, elegant formatting! Here’s hoping the 6 software is a vast improvement.


  8. JL Serkes says:

    I have said to combine phone and pad for years, glad to see something is starting in that direction. Meanwhile I have had 3 iPhone 5s and they are not stable, freeze and are not what I would have expected from Apple. Please make 6 stable before releases.


  9. There are benefits to sapphire screens and gorilla glass screens. I found the pro’s and con’s here: