The companion iPhone app for Roku hardware was updated today with a complete visual overhaul that gives the app a brand new look on top of a few new features. In addition to the redesign pictured above, the updated Roku app will also now let you access Roku’s search feature to search for content across apps by movie, show, actor, or director right from an iPhone. 

Version 3.0 of the Roku app also includes a number of other fixes and enhancements, but the overall navigation of the app remains the same. The new search feature for now is only supported “on US-based Roku players firmware 5.4 or later” and on all hardware except the Roku 2450x or 2500x. Roku says “Roku Search feature on mobile is not yet available. It will be debuting on the Roku Streaming Stick and will be available to other players over time.” Its blog post is here.

The Roku app for iPhone is available on the App Store now.

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4 Responses to “Roku iPhone app gets redesign w/ new search feature & more”

  1. It should say the software was updated today not the hardware.

    I wish they would make an iPad app optimized app.


  2. PMZanetti says:

    One of the biggest things missing from Apple TV (and its corresponding Remote App) is CONTENT search. Aggregated content search from all available AppleTV “channels”.

    Spotlight, if you will. Perfect name too for search on a TV. If I had Spotlight on my AppleTV, and I searched for a movie, it should tell me where I can watch it on Netflix, Hulu, or HBO, and a link to purchase or rent it on the iTunes store.


    • I think Fan TV is the prefect search interface for Apple TV. The app for Fan TV is very nice and the UI for their settop box looks very promising and what I wish Apple would go for in the next Apple TV. The remote for Fan TV looks promising too, just at this point looks like the setop box will never be released.

      Apple TV would be a better experience if every tv provider supported all the apps. HBO GO, Watch ESPN, Fox Now, Starz Play, Showtime Anywhere and the like need to be supported for people that still have cable and satellite on all providers. Universal search only goes so far without the providers supporting the apps.

      I’m switching to Att uverse as soon as it is rolled out here in a few months mainly because I can’t access the ABC, Disney, ESPN and the different Fox apps.