Photo: The Verge

Samsung and Apple may spend rather a lot of time arguing about who invented what in patent trials, but Samsung does at least acknowledge one Apple invention. The Samsung Innovation Museum, opened to mark the 45th anniversary of Samsung Electronics, includes an Apple II, described as “the first home computer.”

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9 Responses to “Samsung acknowledges one Apple invention: there’s an Apple II in its Innovation Museum”

  1. David Tan says:

    seriously no iPhone?


  2. mockery17 says:

    An innovation museum created by a company that has no innovation… The irony…


  3. greenbelt2csp says:

    That’s a laugh. No iPhone, no iPod. But probably a whole wing on “describing features with a number, so you can increase that number and sell more stuff without any regard to whether it makes the user experience any better”. And don’t forget the special show on “Naming your products as awkwardly as possible” featured at the 10.2X S-Experience Ultra-AMOLED+ Gear Theater II.


  4. If Samsung thinks the Apple II was more innovative than the Macintosh or the iPhone, then that truly showcases just how much Samsung doesn’t understand the word “innovation.” That right there is all the proof you need that this company genuinely just doesn’t get it, at all.


  5. b9bot says:

    Was there a touch screen phone before iPhone? No. Samsung is a copycat patent infringing scum bag. They have no morales, no character, no bounds of how they cheat, steal, lie, take from others to make a buck. Boycott Samsung products is the answer if the courts can’t help Apple lower this trash then the consumer can. Don’t buy anything with a Samsung label on it period. I know I won’t ever and fortunately I have not in the past either.


  6. scumbolt2014 says:

    I’m sure plenty of Scamscum items are in their own “innovation museum”. Since they say they do while ripping off companies and consumers.


  7. rafalb177 says:

    I guess in turn Apple could have in their innovation museum a Shamesung microwave oven or a washing machine. That’s what Shamesung should stick to, rather than try so hard by copying the others’ ideas.