Patent trial Stories June 11, 2018

The seven-year long battle between Apple and Samsung over the Korean company infringing iPhone patents seemingly isn’t over yet.

Samsung has rejected the ‘final’ $533M damages awarded against it, and has now filed a motion to have the verdict thrown out …

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Patent trial Stories May 21, 2018

Update: I was wrong – Apple won.

If you’re new to Change My View pieces, please check out our guide. What we’re looking for in the comments are respectful rational arguments either for or against the motion.

The Apple versus Samsung patent trial that began in 2011 returned to court last week. Closing arguments were made on Friday, and it’s now up to a jury to decide whether the damages awarded to Apple will be increased, decreased or remain unchanged.

My expectation is that Apple will lose the case – and I’ll define ‘lose’ in a moment – and that, actually, that would be the right result …

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Patent trial Stories May 18, 2018

The trial to finalize the damages owed by Samsung to Apple for infringing five of its patents is set to rest on the meaning of a three-word phrase.

If the court accepts Apple’s definition, high damages are likely to be awarded. If it instead opts for Samsung’s definition, a far lower sum is likely to be awarded …

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Patent trial Stories May 15, 2018

The latest round of the Apple versus Samsung patent trial kicked off yesterday with jury selection, and it proved so difficult to find unbiased jurors that choosing eight of them from the 74 candidates took the whole of the first day …

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Patent trial Stories May 14, 2018

Yep, seven years after the billion-dollar patent trial between Apple and Samsung first began with a lawsuit by Apple, it still isn’t over yet.

The two companies are headed back to court today …

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Patent trial Stories October 26, 2017

District Court Judge Lucy Koh has told Apple and Samsung that she would like to see a final end to the five-year legal battle over patent infringements by the Korean company.

I would prefer to not keep doing this until I retire. I would like this to be some closure for all of us.

She made the comment as she set a date for what is expected to be a five day hearing …

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