The latest court battle between Apple and Samsung begins today, with Samsung appealing against the $930M it was ordered to pay Apple for patent infringement in the first trial between the two companies. Samsung is arguing that the amount awarded was “excessive and unwarranted.”

It’s of course not the first time that the sum awarded has been disputed. Apple was initially awarded $1B in damages, with $450M of that later cut and a retrial required to determine a revised sum. The retrial awarded Apple $290M instead for that element of the case, giving Apple a revised total award of $930M … 


But Samsung isn’t giving up yet, having filed a brief from 27 law professors, reports Re/codeApple is arguing that Samsung is trying to use the appeal to rehash factual issues already settled during the trial, rather than raising legal arguments which would justify an appeal – and has countered with a series of briefs of its own from design experts and supporters of strong patent protection.

Samsung is separately appealing the verdict of the second patent trial between the two companies where it was ordered to pay Apple $119.6M for infringing five further Apple patents.

Photo credit: Reuters

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