During Apple’s earnings call this evening, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the company has sold 20 million Apple TV boxes through the second quarter of 2014. Sharing this number is out of the ordinary for Apple, as it generally doesn’t break down specific sales for its set-top box like it does for other products.

Apple’s decision to give us specific sales information for the Apple TV, however, does corroborate with its move earlier this year to present the device as its own product line, as opposed to an accessory. Cook also said on the call that Apple TV is over a billion dollar market, which means that it is no longer just a “hobby” for the company.

Cook also took a swipe at Amazon on the call, pointing out that Apple has secured full access to HBO Go on its streaming device, whereas Amazon had to sign a $300 million deal to get access to older HBO content for its FireTV.

There, of course, wasn’t any more information given on the possibility of expanding the Apple TV lineup this year. But as we’ve reported before, the device certainly appears to be an essential part of the company’s product line-up.

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7 Responses to “Apple announces 20 million Apple TVs sold through Q2 2014”

  1. Alan Miller says:

    20 Million total, not in Q2


  2. Good to see Cook being more aggressive on these calls.


  3. Poor comparison. To watch HBO Go on Apple TV, I require a cable subscription AND subscription to HBO. On Fire TV, it is included as part of my Amazon Prime subscription. The Amazon subscription is a lot cheaper over the course of the year plus I have access to a tremendous amount of other content and benefits of Amazon Prime shipping and deals.


  4. rettun1 says:

    With the recent announcement if the Fire TV, Apple probably just wanted to tell everybody that Apple TV isn’t going anywhere


  5. I’d be interested to know what the split is between American and non-American sales on the ATV. It’s by far Apple’s most US centric product, with such a poor app lineup outside of America as to render it completely useless. I have to wonder why Apple even bother to sell it outside the US.