Facebook today updated Messenger to version 5.0 bringing a list of feature improvements to the iPhone messaging app. The new version boasts a streamlined design for accessing and sharing photos as well as a new shortcut for downloading sticker packs (tap and hold a sent sticker to download the pack), but it’s main feature addition tackles video. Users can now access and share video clips to other users within the app. Previous versions were limited to only sharing photos and voice recordings. The update also includes improvements to searching people and groups by name.

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced voice calling to any country to all users in version 4.1 (Messenger is following the aggressive version numbers like the primary Facebook app lately).

Support for creating and managing groups as well as forwarding messages joined the app in version 4.0 in late March.

Facebook Messenger 5.0 for iPhone and iPod touch is out today for free on the App Store.

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2 Responses to “Facebook Messenger 5.0 adds video sharing, faster photo and sticker access, more”

  1. WOW you are quicker than Apple update :D


  2. I can’t record vids just pics.