New Yorkers (and the tourists who come to the city) love their Apple gear, it seems, and five stores in Manhattan just isn’t enough. Just last night we reported that Apple was planning to open a new Store in the New World Trade Center complex.  The race to #6 after Soho, Meat Packing District, 5th Avenue, Lincoln Center, and Grand Central is on as ifo Apple Store reports that Apple is planning to open a sixth store on the island in a former bank building on Madison Avenue next year.

Continuing its tradition of creating magnificent stores from historic buildings, Apple has begun work to transform a former bank building on New York City’s Upper East Side into a retail store. Various sources confirm that construction planning is underway for 940 Madison Avenue, a limestone and marble building now occupied by luxury retailer VBH …

‘Iconic’ is pretty much the shorthand specification for an Apple Store, whether it’s constructing something new and amazing like the flagship Fifth Avenue glass cube, or buying an existing stunning building. 940 Madison Avenue fits the latter bill, constructed from limestone and marble and retaining most of its original features – shown here in its VBH form.


The building offers a 95-foot wide storefront, and a total of 9,000 square feet of space – including the original bank vault. While some of that space will of course be reserved for storage and back office functions, 9,000 feet of Apple retail space would typically generate a cool $54M per year. Apple’s online store also just passed Staples to become the second-biggest online retailer after Amazon.



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10 Responses to “Apple planning 6th (or 7th?) Manhattan Apple Store on Upper East Side Madison Avenue”

  1. Jon Mang says:

    “Just last night we reported that Apple was planning to open a new Store in the New World Trade Center complex which would make five after Soho, Meat Packing District, 5th Avenue and Grand Central”
    Upper west side is missing. So that would make six.


  2. You left out the Upper West Side Store, They already have five. The two new proposed stores makes 7


  3. afuentes18 says:

    if only they would open more stores near me


  4. Ben Lovejoy says:

    Thanks, Jon and Larry


  5. Still no love for Brooklyn… *sigh*


  6. James Kuang says:

    They should really open one on 34th street between 5th and 6th avenue. There’s been a vacant 2 story, 3 storefront wide space with all the aluminum on glass look. It used to be the Esprit store but its been empty for a while now. Would make a nice spot to fill the lack of Apple store in midtown Manhattan.


  7. Apple should go to smaller cities and not open 100 stores in 5 cities. I have to drive one hour to get to an apple store and then there are two in one city. Why?!


  8. chudman85 says:

    Gee 5 to 6 for New York with not even 1 here in New Zealand frustrating because ATM my ipad is in Australia because the front camera stoped working arghhh