Microsoft announced today at the TechEd Conference that Microsoft Office for iPad, which includes Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, has been downloaded from the App Store 27 million times to date. The statistic was first shared on Twitter by Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrot and noted by Business Insider:

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.49.33 AM

The 27 million downloads number represents continued growth as the number is about double the 12 million downloads statistic announced on the Microsoft Twitter account one week after the software’s public debut. Of course, this 27 million download statistic solely references free downloads. Microsoft has not shared details behind how many paid iPad Office subscribers it has.

Since announcing Office for iPad in late March of this year, Microsoft has been working on new functionality and sharing details behind development of the suite. Microsoft added AirPrint support to Office for iPad late last month in addition to some enhancements to the Excel application. Apple CEO Tim Cook has praised the suite, welcoming the software to the App Store and saying on an earnings call that it should have been released even sooner.

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13 Responses to “Microsoft for Office for iPad shows continued growth with 27 million downloads to date”

  1. Yow batty boy stop sending me email ok

    Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone.


  2. ….and how many deletes immediately after the download??


  3. Lee Omeka says:

    I downloaded and deleted – how many have taken the subscription I bet nor 29 million


  4. “Microsoft has not shared details behind how many paid iPad Office subscribers it has.”

    Of course not.. because that number would be substantially smaller, and it’s all about numbers.


    • PMZanetti says:

      I’ll go one further…that number would make it seem a complete failure.


      • degraevesofie says:

        “I’ll go one further…that number would make it seem a complete failure.”

        I suspect it wouldn’t. Anecdotally, many iPad users already have Office 365 accounts (which seems to be a real success). Not 27 million, but I suspect several millions nonetheless.

        Moreover, since the subscriptions are not tied to devices, counting how many “paid iPad Office subscribers” there are is perhaps not trivial (or even unambiguous).

        (Word and Excel are consistently in the top-100 “Top Grossing iPad Apps” list, which suggests the Office365 subscriptions initiated from iPad apps are doing okay but they’re not stellar since Word is usually ranked in the 30s and Excel quite a bit beyond that. That’s not surprising since better deals for equivalent subscriptions are easily available elsewhere; e.g., on Amazon.)


  5. Thomas Lynch says:

    Why do I want to download this when I have to re-buy a license to something I already paid for?!?! I can’t stand this model! I purchased Office for Mac already..but to be able to get full use of the iPad app, I have to buy a subscription model?!?! No change…just more money. Gosh I hate Microsoft…


    • Just move to it instead of getting a stand alone copy of Office 2014 for Mac when that comes out. You’ll get access to this and be able to install Office on up to 5 Windows or OS X machines/installs and get 20GB extra OneDrive space.

      It’s actually a pretty good deal if you need or regularly use it. Not so much if you use it only every now and then.


  6. G4Dualie says:

    Who didn’t see this coming?

    Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer was incapable of imagining a partnership in Apple’s mobile market. His competitive nature clouded his judgement and he failed to make any money off of Apple Inc.

    It would seem anytime Microsoft tries to innovate in hardware they squander millions and their products are snatched from the market when the laughing stops.

    It looked like they were hoping to buy second. But then they arrived empty handed and Samsung ate their lunch.

    A dialogue with Steve Jobs in 2010/11 would have empowered Microsoft to aspire to Apple’s UI once more with perhaps an iPad knock-off of their own. A chance to collaborate with Apple engineers is a lesson not to be ignored!

    It’s too bad Bill Gates didn’t reach out to Jobs with a chance to do it differently this time.

    If Steve Ballmer had put Office on iPad in 2008, Microsoft would own the largest contiguous Office on any platform, just like it was in the good ol’ days.

    Let’s hope Microshaft can keep up their end.