Following a series of software releases over the last week including OS X 10.9.3, iTunes 11.2Safari 7.0.4, and Podcasts for iOS, Apple has tonight released a point update to its iAd Producer software in the developer center. The previous update to the software was released earlier this year in March. The update includes, among other improvements, support for full-screen iPhone banner iAd creation. Full release notes after the break.

iAd Producer 4.2

iAd Producer makes it easy for you to design and assemble rich interactive content without any programming.This release contains a number of enhancements and fixes, including:

Support for creating full-screen iPhone banners.
Support for uploading iAd Producer projects to iAd Workbench.
Folder reorganization in the Assets sidebar.
Other fixes and improvements.

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2 Responses to “Apple releases iAd Producer 4.2 with full-screen iPhone banner support”

  1. I do not want banner ads and sure do not want full screen ads on my phone or iPad.


  2. Luke Bonner says:

    they are supposed to make ads harder, not easier.