Australian blog MacFixIt has gotten its hands on a photo of what it says is a rear shell from the upcoming iPhone 6 that allegedly comes from sources inside the supply chain. This is reportedly the 4.7″ model, which is one of two planned for release this fall. The larger 5.5″ version has yet to be leaked, though.

This shell lines up with recent design rumors, including a few leaked dummies presumably designed for case manufacturers to work with. The next iPhone is expected to be announced this fall, likely in September, and will include the iOS 8 operating system that Apple will be showing off at WWDC next week.

Like the dummies mentioned above, this shell features two distinct antenna breaks at the top and bottom, rounded corners, a circular cutout for the LED flash, and a larger overall size than the current iPhone 5s. The case appears to be covered in a protective plastic coating, but a bit of silver coloring is visible between the flash and camera cutouts, indicating that this could be for the sliver phone model.

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60 Responses to “iPhone 6 rear shell reportedly on display in new leaked photo”

  1. Why is there a gap in the Apple logo? That seems like that is not part of the case. Could that be for something they are going to come up with? Possible flash possibilities? Status alert light/s?


  2. Am I the only one who thinks this is possible from a future iPod Touch not iphone6?

    One LED flash, protruding camera lens, and the curves overall for me point more to the iPod touch refresh than anything else


  3. I still don’t understand those lines, And i dont think i am the only one who thinks they’re ugly as hell. Probably not, We will see.


  4. You forgot to mention the apple logo cutout. Looks like they might finally illuminate the logo.


  5. Juan Lamarca says:

    Those thick lines for the antennas are horrible…Hope the real design isn’t as this one.
    We’ll see in a few days….?


  6. RP says:

    thats not a “gap” but a cutout. The leaked diagrams clearly show that the logo is cut out. The cutout is not there merely or a glowing logo, but likely or sensors of some type.


  7. Whats the chance the antenna cutouts will be covered by glass like the 5 and 5S?


  8. 2112entropy says:

    What if it’s not 4.7? That would make for large bezels. Would 4.8 fit in that housing? Just curious, maybe overall reducing the bezels from all the mockery.


  9. jrox16 says:

    Those plastic antenna dividers are terrible. The fact they look the same in leak after leak worries me it might be the real deal. They are way too thick which makes it look cheap. I’ll be very disappointed if that is really how the case ends up looking.


  10. Tim Jr. says:

    yuck.. I hate the lines.


  11. Where is the hole for the True Tone Flash? They cant possibly fit two different colored LED’s in that hole for the True Tone Flash.
    For the cut out of the Apple Logo however, i think that if the housing for the iPhone 6 is not made of liquid metal (which i would want), then Apple will have to cut a window for NFC capabilities, they are rumored (today actually) to have been in talks for iPhone payment services. This cut out would allow enough of a window for NFC and they could cover the hole back up with the antenna for the NFC just like they did with the OG iPad (they used the Apple logo as the WiFi antenna that was mirror finished).
    I still do not believe that this is the back housing for the next iPhone, i think it was made by a 3rd party, if you think about it, no True Tone Flash, unless Apple has something that is better than the True Tone Flash, but i don’t think that they would get rid of it after only 1 year.


    • The cellar iPad has the cutout for the apple. Just wish they would make it more functional.

      I really hate the antenna lines. Hope they switch before they release it.


      • The Cellular iPad needs the cut out at the top, the only iPad that uses the WiFi antenna in the Apple Logo is the OG iPad (original), all the newest ones have an antenna flex that is to the right of the home button under the glass, until the Mini like design, they have now moved it to both sides of the home button.


    • myforwik says:

      The two tone flash is now 1 bi-color LED.

      The apple cut out is NFC.

      The thick lines are where the glass over laps, it won’t be ugly like that, this is simple the raw aluminium back case with scratch wrap on it.


    • I agree with you. The true tone flash cannot possibly fit in a rounded opening. Also, I really don not believe that they need such thick lines for atenna (in 2014) they dont have it in 5 or 5s so there is no reason to have them in 6. From one previous commenter it really looks like the next gen ipod mostly with larger capacity, touch id, and other fancy features (probably). The dummies and leaks seem to be from third party manufacturers of cases and covers. I think none of us have any idea of how the new phone would really look like, apart from the size and features.


  12. lacalikid says:

    This is for the New iPod Touch that will be announced at WWDC next week it will come in new colors and an illuminating light where the Apple logo is cut out for notifications and will light up with the beat of your music explaining the color variants in the wall hangings at the event center..they call it iBeats ;) also beats by dre music services will be announced. This is confirmed internally by reliable resources of mines! but … “theres one more thing” iPhone 6 in September. End of story.


  13. karpaticsaba says:

    I think that hole is big enough for 2 LED flashes!


  14. Renz Leonor says:

    no dual tone flash?


  15. Jim Phong says:

    This might be an iPhone 6C .. not the iPhone 6 ..


  16. What if the apple logo on the back is the new home button?! Same size of the iphone with smaller edges and bigger screen.


  17. Why do I think this is actually the iPod Touch…


  18. devanealex says:

    The reason there’s a hole for the Apple logo is not because there will be a glowing Apple logo (on the MacBooks they use the screen as the source of the light – not possible on the iPhone which has components in-between). It is likely the same as they did on the new iPads – instead of using chemical etching to produce the mirrored Apple logo (which is expensive and unreliable), the Apple logo will be a second mirrored-finish part which will be placed behind. Or maybe, this will be where they’ll use liquid metal although I doubt it.


  19. I don’t care just give me at least 4.7″ screen
    I’m gonna like the style of the phone regardless, it’s Apple, I’m only gonna have it 2 years anyways


  20. standardpull says:

    That isn’t a very pretty color to me. But then again I suppose it depends on your style.

    I don’t mind a bigger screen, as long as the phone is easy to hold and pocket and operate. Some of those big phones are laughable – but I guess bigger phones are easier to design and cheaper to make so it makes sense.