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Just when we thought the iPhone 6 dummy ship had sailed, YouTuber DetroitBORG has put together a new video comparing the mockup to all previous generation iPhone models. The mockup appears to be similar to the ones we’ve obtained and shown in previous photos and videos. It’s very interesting to see the entire iPhone family compared to the dummy though…

Keep in mind, these mockup designs are based on rumors, speculation, and sketchy schematics and won’t necessarily reflect Apple’s actual release. Apple is known to work on multiple prototypes of new products, so it’s even possible that we’ll see something completely different later this year, but at the moment this is all we have. The video also lightly compares the mockup’s design to other flagship Android devices like the Sony Xperia Z2, Samsung Galaxy S5, and HTC One M8.

Obviously, the iPhone has grown over the years increasing in height and becoming thinner, but several other changes have taken place to form the device we know today. According to the rumor mill, the iPhone 6 will feature a slim design that’s similar to the fifth generation iPod touch with a repositioned sleep/wake button and a larger display.

Apple may be testing a sharper 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 960 x 1704 and could be working on different ways to optimize specific iOS apps like Safari to take advantage of the extra resolution. Along with that, it’s been rumored that Apple is also working on a 5.5-inch variation of the iPhone 6 with the same resolution.

At the end of the day, we’ll have to wait until Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6. It’s expected to be released later this year along with several other products. I’m sure this won’t be the last iPhone 6 rumor/leak, as with previous models they will probably keep rolling in until it has been launched. For a closer look at the comparison check out the video or this extensive gallery recently posted by Sonny Dickson.

Check out the gallery below (click to enlarge):

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14 Responses to “iPhone 6 mockup compared to all previous generation iPhone models (Video)”

  1. Its looks kinda big imo… Too tall. The bezels are too big. Compare it to the moto x or the nexus 5 and the bezels seem big for its screen size. It is probably a very thin phone which helps usability with one hand but I still think they should work those bezels again. If they figured out how to put a bigger screen on a phone with the size (or volume) of the iphone 5s… now that would be great. This mock up is just a stretched out iphone.


  2. zubeirg87 says:

    If only the bezels, especially the side ones, could have been smaller, the phone would have been great.The side bezels need to be at most half their size, and the top and bottom also need go lose a few mm. I hope the bezels indeed are thinner in the actual phone.


    • Tallest Skil says:

      I’m sure it’s a crime against humanity to have to move your finger 1/16th of an inch further than otherwise for the sake of having a phone that can be held while being used.


      • zubeirg87 says:

        In Apple standards I think it is. It might acceptable from other brands not to make really great and impressive products, but that is not the case with Apple. People buy Apple products because they are just much better than others. If Apple start making products that are not better enough, then I think people might not see why they’ll spend more on those products.


      • Tallest Skil says:

        So, uh… maybe that paragraph right there is why Apple is leaving bezels on their devices. So that they can actually be used.


  3. David Hope says:

    I’m not impressed. It looks like a stretched iPhone 5. The side bezels are way too wide, the screen should be edge-to-edge. It looks like a re-hash of a 2 year old design that has been made slightly bigger. No imagination or innovation in design. I sincerely hope that this is NOT the real design of the iPhone 6. I have been eagerly awaiting the iPhone 6, and expected Apple to really give us something special in both design and function. If this is it, then I feel really let down, and I wonder what has happened to Apple!! They became famous as the innovators in the industry. They were the leaders in new design and new, fresh ideas. It seems lately that the /android phones are more innovative and interesting than the iPhone. I take no pleasure in writing this as I’m a huge Apple fan and own an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini Retina….but this phone design looks like a boring dud to me!! Steve Jobs is probably turning over in his grave!!


    • I think the mock ups got you a little discourage on what may be released, This could be a big ploy, normally we see iPhone innards before we get a glance at the body, I’m taking these mock ups with a grain of sea salt


    • Tallest Skil says:

      Take your FUD and shove it, honestly. Every single sentence here is either a lie, copy/pasted from the Big Book of Trolling, or a ludicrous assumption based on nothing you could actually know.

      Go to MacRumors to be with your own kind. They don’t like Apple there.


    • thebums66 says:

      I think it would be difficult for case makers to design a case that could be potentially waterproof without a little bezel. As for the screen resolution and even the camera, I feel Apple does a better job than android. I have several coworkers that have an S III and S4 and one with a note 3 that don’t have near the quality display or photos that Apple has. Maybe Apple is just better with color accuracy then android. Just my opinion… I’m still looking forward to seeing the next-generation iPhone.


  4. If they, meaning apple, don’t come with a 5.5 screen along with the 4.7, I will be moving to the samsung note 4 and moving to a samsung tablet. I have waited for apple long enough to make the move to a larger screen for the iPhone.


  5. 6 years I’ve had iPhones for now. I’ve never once not contemplated getting the next model. But this thing is very ugly with how big the bezels are. It’s obviously not a usability issue. It just looks horrible. I really don’t want to go elsewhere, I have 6 years of apps, music, and usage of iPhones I don’t want to throw that away lightly. I’m saying all this and will probably still get one because I’m pretty much locked into the Apple ecosystem. Though I have a right to an opinion and if this is how the iphone 6 will look I can’t say I’d be happy about it.