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Over the past couple of months, it’s been rumored that Apple’s iPhone 6 will feature a larger 4.7-inch display. Several mockups and schematics have appeared online that mimic this rumor, but we won’t have confirmation until Apple announces the iPhone 6 later this year.

Instead of waiting for the rumors to be confirmed, we thought it would be fun and useful to create a physical iPhone 6 simulator. Doing so, would give us an idea of what iOS would look like if it were running on a 4.7-inch display

As reported by our own Mark Gurman, Apple may be working on a larger display with a resolution of 960 x 1704 giving the iPhone 6 a display density of 416 PPI on a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 356 PPI on the rumored 5.5-inch iPhone 6. In the event that either of these display sizes end up on the production line, sources say that most of iOS will simply be enlarged to fit a bigger display. Though as we reported, it’s possible that Apple will take advantage of the higher resolution and larger size in certain apps like Safari and Maps. Check out Mark’s article here for more information.

In order to create a physical representation of an “iPhone 6,” we needed a qualified candidate to replicate the display size. It just so happens that Motorola’s Moto X has a 4.7-inch display that matches up very closely with the fake display found on numerous iPhone 6 dummy units in the wild. After scouting our display, we took the bezel from an iPhone 6 dummy and modified it to show a clear 4.7-inch space that allowed the Moto X’s display to shine through. Check out the video below for a closer look.

The simulation is running on the Moto X’s display next to an iPhone 5s for size comparison. If Apple decides to use 960 x 1704 as a resolution and upscale that majority of iOS, this is probably close to what we’ll see. Regardless of how scientifically accurate this “iPhone 6 simulator” is, it provides a closer look at exactly how iOS could be represented when enlarged on a 4.7-inch display.

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43 Responses to “This is what iOS looks like on a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 display (4K video)”

  1. Erik Hedaria says:

    Thats super interesting. I wonder how they are going to take advantage of that.

  2. Joe Harper says:

    It looks like it doesn’t make good use of the extra real estate. I hope this isn’t true.

    • Same here.. It needs to have a much better way of utilizing the screen real estate. Otherwise, what’s the point of a bigger screen? Might as well just stay with a 5s. But, Apple has thought of these things I’m sure.

  3. Please cut back on the coffee! It’s like I’m watching Michael J. Fox demo an iPhone.

  4. I think a bigger screen is meant to let you show more info and not just a magnified version of what you have on the actual 4″ screen.

    In safari for example you should be able to see more rows for a post compared to the same post viewed on a 4″ screen.

  5. I saw this on Yahoo front page. 9to5 is blowing up!

  6. Go away Dom. After only four of these “Dom” articles, each containing pretty much zero information and filled primarily with Dom belabouring the obvious while showing us nothing at all, I’m already sick to f*cking death of them.

    That voice! He should be a news announcer, or maybe one of those sham-wow guys with that voice. It just makes you want to punch him until he stops talking.

  7. Graham J says:

    Spoiler: It looks bigger.

  8. rettun1 says:

    If the two size rumor is true, I could see them just scaling up the OS for the 4.7. And for the 5.5 (with 1080p display) they do much more in depth optimizations

  9. it looks larger… I mean, what else can you really say about it?

  10. Interesting, but not particularly exciting. .7 Inches isn’t really that significant to me. I have a Moto G for work, and the extra .5 is hardly noticeable at all.

    That being said, I will be extremely disappointed if the smaller version ends up being the 2014 version of the 5C. I hate phablets, and I don’t think I could handle 5.5″, but I’ve never not had the best iPhone, and I don’t want something watered down.

  11. If I hold my iPhone 5 closer to my face, it looks like I have an iPhone 6.

  12. Sorry, but I don’t buy it.

    Apple would just give us a blown up interface just for the sake of having higher PPI, something 90%+ of consumers wouldn’t even notice?

    Worse, 2x retina coordinates and sizes would cause blurry aliasing as they would be scaled by 1.5x and would fit in fractions of pixels (i.e., two grey lines instead of a solid black one pixel line?) negating the increased PPI?

    No. It would make much more sense for Apple to keep 326PPI and extend the screen area to put more UI on the screen, something that auto-layout APIs are for. Let’s hope they’re not as stupid as 9to5mac implies.

  13. herb02135go says:

    Ah, the good ole days when media reported only facts and didn’t use hype/rumor/fantasy to stroke their fanboys

    I’m sure you will love the larger screen, as I do on my Samsung device Of course there is more to a great device than the display being large

  14. Bigger screen would be nice. It is ruined by skinny fonts and the blizzard of white Ive dumped on our screens.

    iOS7 is an abortion.

  15. I’d be curious to know how the larger phone affects useability. Can you reach the entire screen with one hand? I think it has become unfortunate that so much ios navigation involves tapping a back button at the upper left of the screen. After switching to an iPhone 5 I found the reach slightly, but noticeably, more difficult.

  16. Interesting simulation of what the next iPhone will look like size-wize…

  17. He has a lot of unopened emails.

  18. I refuse to buy a rotten Apple! First it is not 5′, now it is not full HD. Other phones is going for 2K and 4K. Only Apple is always happy to be left behind. Yet, Apple called itself a premium phone maker.

  19. Steve Benway says:

    Not really going to make that big a difference – seems like another not-so-sly attempt to charge me more for something I don’t really need.

  20. Jfdsf Sdfsdf says:

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  21. Now this is innovation! Exactly the same, only a tiny bit bigger! Just like others have been doing for awhile!

    My picture of Steve Jobs next to my bed would spontaneously combust if it wasn’t for all the dried up semen on it!

  22. drtyrell969 says:

    Apple Innovation 2014: launch PR campaign to redefine innovation to require zero change.

    • Tallest Skil says:

      Shut up and go away, you useless, pathetic imbecile. How stupid are you, exactly?

      • apes555666 says:

        LOL, Apple Insider’s own Tallest Skil…

      • drtyrell969 says:

        Sorry about your genetic coffin.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Get bent, troll. If you were in any way correct, you’d be able to prove me wrong.

      • drtyrell969 says:

        Troll = former colleague of Steve Jobs. Inventor of things you use every single day. Realist when it comes to Apple declining.

      • Tallest Skil says:

        Former colleague? I don’t remember you. Yep, it’s me. Steve. See, I can say that, because I have just as much proof of my claim as you do! Isn’t that great?

        And given that Apple is now more profitable than they have ever been, has a higher marketshare than they have ever had, and more powerful products than ever before, forgive me if I don’t take some moron claiming that Apple is declining seriously.

  23. cpanos says:

    ehm, the moto x has a 720p screen, not a 1704×960. How is this a good representation of how ios apps will look like?

  24. apes555666 says:

    See, Scamsung, THIS is innovation!

  25. There’s this thing called AirPlay. I can show you what iOS will look like running on a 60″ display if you like.