PDF Expert, the powerful PDF viewing and editing application from Readdle, got a big update today that features few new features and tweaks to make it even more useful along with a big speed boost.

The big news, though, is that PDF Expert is a universal app for the first time. Where previous versions were device-specific for the iPhone and iPad, PDF Expert 5.1 brings both interfaces together in one app. To accommodate the change, the old iPhone version has been retired. Version 5.1, which was formerly iPad-only, will now work on the iPhone as well, with all features supported across both devices.

Beyond that, the update includes a significant boost in performance: the app is now twice as fast as its predecessor, which is especially useful when searching or annotating large documents. Users will also find a new continuous-scrolling mode that makes breezing through long files easier than ever.

You’ll also find that PDF Expert is now capable of completing calculations in files created using Adobe Acrobat or LiveCycle Designer software. While it’s not a feature everyone will need, it’s definitely a useful addition to the app’s toolset.

PDF Expert 5.1 is available on the App Store for $9.99. Users who owned the previous iPad version will be able to download the upgrade for free. Users who previously owned the iPhone-only version will need to buy the update at full price.

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5 Responses to “Readdle’s PDF Expert goes universal, adds even more power in version 5.1”

  1. This is one great app. I used to love and think GoodReader was the best of the best, but now PDF Expert seems to have top them off with their ability to edit PDF Forms.
    The only feature I’m waiting for is two-page PDF view.
    I have been using PDF Expert for over a year now on a daily basis as my File Manager and I can say that it works great.
    Also, if you download the free Documents app from Readdle, it will allow you to edit PDF Forms in it, using PDF Expert 5 as an Add-on to it. This is the first time I see this interesting approach in an iOS App.
    You may have both apps installed, but only use the Documents app for everything.


  2. kpom1 says:

    I have the iPad version, but so far am not able to download the iPhone version through updates. If I click on the link in the article, it directs me to purchase the app. Has anyone else noticed this?


  3. I have 4.7.8 and they want $12.99 for this version. Which previous version do you need? They also won’t let me download my current one from the cloud to the phone. It suddenly becomes unavailable.