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It’s been a long time coming, but Apple has finally implemented useful notification features in iOS 8. Interactive notifications are essentially Apple’s version of quick reply (or quick actions) that will be available for a wide variety of apps when iOS 8 is released. We’ve had some time to explore the beta version today and put together a quick video to show off iOS 8’s new notification features.

There have been quite a few quick reply tweaks made available for jailbroken devices, but finally Apple has decided to step it up and bring this long-awaited feature to iOS natively. Check out the video below and let us know what you think about interactive notifications.

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16 Responses to “Video: Hands-on with interactive notifications (quick reply) in iOS 8”

  1. chrisl84 says:

    How do messages that are longer than a single line work? Does the full incoming text get viewed or just a single preview line?


  2. In order for this to work you must have “Show Preview” turn on within the Messages part of Notification settings. Other wise its a bust.


  3. I don’t get what is new about this. Android has this already for a long long time. lol


  4. What a POS…..

    Damn Apple… I would have expected that you would have done something a lot better… putting my finger on the top.. to swipe down.. to type to head back up…..

    I somehow feel that the new IOS developers do not use their own OS as power users… something like BiteSMS has worked for years.


  5. dman238 says:

    Love your videos DOM!!! Keep up the good work! :D


  6. Really happy to finally have quick reply but this is kind of making me question whether or not we’ll see a larger iPhone. Seems bizarre they put the send button in the upper right corner where it will be hardest to reach.


  7. ttss6 says:

    Is the smiley face on the bottom of the keyboard a shortcut for emojis? Speaking of emojis any report of new ones that I think was said that would be added


  8. shamuel08 says:

    Why i cannot use my respond notification on facebook and twitter?


  9. Why do I only see the x button and not get the reply button when I swipe left?


  10. Hitesh Dave says:

    Can we give “quickReply” features to any third party app in IOS 8.0