Apple took some time to talk gaming during a presentation closed to the public yesterday at WWDC. While noting that gaming is now an area that Apple is “pushing on very strongly”, the company also announced a new feature coming for gamers and developers: Controller Forwarding. 

Controller forwarding is a feature that expands on the Made-For-iPhone/iPad game controllers that Apple introduced alongside iOS 7 last year. The feature will allow MFi controllers that snap onto iPhones (like this one from Logitech that we reviewed) to act as a controller for iPads and Macs. Not only will you be able to use your iPhone with a connected MFi game controller as a controller for games running on an iPad or Mac, developers will be able to take advantage of motion control, the touchscreen on the iPhone, and the physical buttons on the controller itself for input.

This setup could have big advantages of a traditional Bluetooth controller connected to an iPad or Mac, as the iPhone integrated into the controller provides devs with access to the touchscreen and the device’s sensors.

Apple also shared some stats on gaming during its presentation for developers. A year after introducing MFi controllers, the company says it now has “thousands” of games with support and it’s also launched in-store demos with the controllers at Apple retail stores recently as part of its push into gaming.

Another new stat: Game Center reached around 130 million monthly active users last month.

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20 Responses to “iOS 8 turns iPhone into the ultimate game controller for iPad & Mac, Game Center hits 130M monthly active users”

  1. Another new stat: Game Center reached around 130 monthly active users last month.

    130? wow, that’s a lot. =)


  2. advantages over* a traditional, 130 million* ?

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  3. Only 130 monthly active users? Doesn’t seem very many.


  4. Only 130? Seems low. ;-)


  5. chrisl84 says:

    Im expecting big things for the Apple TV this fall….


  6. Million is denoted as MM (M is latin for Mili – thousand MM= 1000×1000), just an FYI


    • Thanks, though that’s latin ^^


    • eduo (@eduo) says:

      The romans called and asked you to stop giving your II cents.

      Latin Scholars called to ask you why you’re confusing latin as a language that had arabic numbers for most of its life with roman numerals, used only for a while, proportionately.

      M is short for “M”illion. It’s not supposed to be a Roman Numeral. “K” is used for thousands, for pretty much the same arbitrary reasons.


      • “K” isn’t arbitrary at all, nor is it related to Latin. It’s an abbreviation for kilo, and used in most parts of the world as such. “M” is also not arbitrary. It’s the roman abbreviation for mille (1,000). Using M to represent million is a modern bastardized abbreviation formed by a culture that thinks feet and inches make more sense than meters and centimeters. But I digress. What was your point again? Oh, that you had nothing to contribute.


  7. Controller forwarding does sound like it might have some cool applications, but I’m just hoping I’ll eventually be able to play games on my Apple TV using a plain old Bluetooth controller.


  8. The point of GameCenter being… to open it long enough to turn off the notification badge?


    • focher says:

      What a troll! Everyone knows you disable badges under Settings! Geez!

      Seriously, though, how do I hide the Game Center app?


  9. Is this a different Keynote? Is there one everyday? I’d like to watch too!


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