You may have noticed Skype for iPhone/iPod touch disappear from the App Store in select markets today. Skype tells us that the reason is preparations for the upcoming 5.0 update. Here’s the statement:

We have removed the Skype for iPhone app from the Apple iTunes store in some markets, as we begin rolling out the latest version. Skype 5.0 for iPhone will soon be available worldwide for download – in the meantime, you can learn about the great new features coming with the new version here.

The new version should officially launch in the coming days. You can find all the details about the completely revamped design and improving chatting in our preview from yesterday. 

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7 Responses to “Skype removed from App Store ahead of major 5.0 update”

  1. How pointless and dramatic. Unless this update seriously fixes notifications, it’s going to be yet another hilarious joke from Microsoft.


  2. Hold on a second. I don’t follow this logic, why they had to remove it from the App Store prior to the update? Why not to update it a normal way? What happens to those who want to reinstall Skype before the update is released?


    • you can still download it from your prior purchases (even if free) – however, when I ddi that earlier,it let me download the 5.0 version, but now when I go out and do it again, it reverts back to the older version. But even if you can’t find it in the store, you can find it in the prior purchases to get it back while waiting for 5.0


  3. Microsoft can’t even issue a Skype update correctly. This app has been an absolute joke for iOS users.


  4. Uh, I have the 5.0 version installed right now. I deleted Skype and installed from purchases.
    It’s like the uploaded it but then pulled it down.