Following the launch of Amazon’s new streaming music service on the web last night, Amazon has now updated its iOS app with the feature, which also gets renamed from Amazon Cloud Player to the much more suitable Amazon Music. Also along for the ride is an updated icon and revamped design for the app. 

The updated app, now called Amazon Music, serves the same purpose of offering downloads or streaming of all music stored in your Amazon Cloud account, but it’s also getting a refreshed look that introduces easier navigation and the ability to manage and delete music from a library directly in the app. It’s not a total redesign, but you will notice an overall streamlined design that does away with some of the clutter from the previous version. In addition, the app now has access to the newly announced Amazon Prime streaming service:

New! Amazon Prime members now have free, unlimited access to over a million songs and hundreds of custom built playlists for ad-free streaming. Explore the Prime Music catalog, add music for free to your library, or download to your mobile device for offline listening.

The updated Amazon Music app, version 3.0, is available for free on the App Store now.

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7 Responses to “Amazon Prime music streaming service lands on iOS, Cloud Player app now “Amazon Music””

  1. Reblogged this on Taste of Apple and commented:
    Interesting option if you subscribe to Amazon Prime.


  2. All it does it give you access to music you’ve already bought and nothing else. So, what’s the point?


  3. b9bot says:

    Boycott Amazon. They are a monopoly on books and are starting to behave badly like one. Don’t use any Amazon products!


    • Jason Arentz says:

      Please don’t boycott Amazon, and please don’t fetishize monopolies. They get lot’s of business because they’ve done an amazing job. They don’t have some crony contract with a corrupt politician who unjustly uses force to prevent anyone from competing with them, as does the post office, most power companies and many cable providers. They are not a modern Ma Bell. They are successful because they create so much value, because so many of us love doing business with them. Their greatness is not an offense, much less a boycottable outrage. It is simply greatness, and worthy of admiration. Furthermore, consider this: even if they acquired complete monopoly over online book purchases, what would that mean? If you post your book to Amazon and I buy it, they only manage the transaction. I’m still buying the book from you! Amazon is mostly a platform, a marketplace, a structured means by which other individuals can meet and transact. Therefore, even as a monopolist, they would foster and encourage competition. And if they ever got snotty about their role in it, we would migrate to other platforms, like eBay. If you have particular complaints or suggestions, I hope you will let them know, or suggest them to competitors. Business is never perfect, and there is always opportunity for improvement. But please don’t call for boycotts. They deserve better.