The latest beta software for the Apple TV brings one of iOS 8’s headline features to the (former) hobby device: iCloud Family Sharing. While the feature isn’t yet functional, it’s expected that users will be able to log into one account and access purchased music and movies, shared photos, and more from other devices on the same family sharing account…

Family Sharing was introduced at WWDC earlier this year, and allows family members who share one credit card to access iTune, App Store, and iBooks purchases made by other users. It also creates a calendar and Reminders list that can be shared among the entire family. The feature will become publicly available this fall along with the iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite software updates.

The new beta also brings support for the updated iCloud Photos feature, but, oddly enough, the old Photo Stream function was already called iCloud Photos on earlier versions of the Apple TV. We expect to see the new software hit everyone’s little black boxes in the fall.

Earlier today, Apple also seeded new betas for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite.

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9 Responses to “Apple TV software beta brings iCloud Family Sharing and Photos to the big screen”

  1. baerok says:

    They better add “New Videos” in “Subscriptions” tab in youtube aplication


  2. garya813 says:

    What would be slick is if any user in the family could sign in via TouchID (may be a given with Apple opening things up w iOS8) versus having to manually inout the password in with the ATV remote – nobody wins there!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They better make it available to 2nd Gen Apple TVs!!!


    • Robert Nixon says:

      You better prepare yourself for disappointment!!!

      The second gen Apple TV will be four years old by the time iOS 8 is released to the public. If the iPhone 4(which uses the same chip) isn’t supported, then there is no way the ATV 2 will be.

      Time to move on.


  4. Joel Rose says:

    Any word if family sharing also allows the family apple IDs to use the remote app with the Apple TV? That’s one of my frustrations. Only my iPhone can control the Apple TV because the Apple TV is tied to my Apple ID. My wife’s phone can’t control it.