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Although the dark mode for OS X Yosemite that Apple previewed onstage at WWDC two weeks ago hasn’t officially made it into any build of Yosemite as of today, developer Hamza Sood has figured out a Terminal command which will let you get a taste of OS X’s dark mode now:

Just paste the line below into Terminal, and log out of your account. After logging back in, you’ll see that the Dock, Menu Bar, and corresponding menus all take on the new dark theme.

Of course, this is an extremely early version of dark mode, and many of the icons in the menu bar appear to be displaying incorrectly. As always, use your own discretion when enabling features like this. If you’d like to revert back to the default OS X style, there’s a Terminal entry for that too:

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27 Responses to “Here’s a quick look and how to enable an early version of OS X Yosemite’s new dark mode”

  1. tilalabubakr says:

    I hope it’s going to be all over the system, not just the menu bar and the dock.


  2. how could your itunes logo already be red. i still have the old one.


  3. But this one’s too bad to be called a dark mode. I mean, it looks more like high contrast on rather than a black theme.


  4. Yay, white text! That’s sure to make the poor Helvetica look much better on screen. :(

    Please, let’s get a newly developed screen-version of Helvetica prior to shipping a public beta or revert back to Lucida, the current builds looks absolutely terrible wrt to type.


  5. Ben Smith says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working for me. Perhaps I’m not pasting the multi-lined log correctly or maybe it’s the act of logging off and on. Can you specify which characters I’m to paste into terminal?


  6. New Tweetbot for Mac. Nice.


  7. did nothing for me….


  8. Garth Lahana says:

    I have just installed beta 2, and this new interface is really ugly imho. The inconsistencies in the icons, the new tabs for example, that ugly system preferences icon to mention just a few. I love the look and feel of iOS8 which is much like iOS7, but this is very disappointing. I realise it’s a work in progress, but if it keeps going in this direction, I’ll be sticking with Mavericks!!!


  9. manuti says:



  10. so all the icons with clock are still black which will make it hard to see, i think apple got some better plans for it.


  11. Tyler Banks says:

    Just so everyone is aware (those having issues), you must have a beta of OS X Yosemite for this terminal to work


  12. I’ll keep my eyes on the next update and how things progress, but the rendering of the font in menus and apps, including during installation was absolutely horrible. Inconsistent stem widths are the most notable, but also some poor antialiasing and kerning. The net result is that you start to think for a second you’re experiencing the less than stellar font rending on a Windows XP system. ;) With some letters randomly appearing to have a completely different weight than the ones they’re adjacent to.

    I’ve been using Helvetica (and Neue) since the early 90’s on the screen in one way or another, so I know it works for a lot of things and I give it credit as one of the hardest working fonts in the business. But I’m not convinced Apple’s going to pull it off system-wide on very large displays of moderate resolution – their own Cinema displays, of which I’m using a 27″ model, and iMacs for example.


  13. Looks great on Retina. Which is why we need new Retina iMacs and 4K Thunderbolt displays.